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Supreme Court Nominee

I didn’t vote for Obama, but you knew that. 
For the most part I have been pleased with his picks for cabinet positions and other appointments.  There have been a couple of gaffes, but no biggie.  No one is perfect.  The President is about to nominate Sonia Sotomayor as the replacement to Judge Souter on the Supreme Court.  I read up on her but didn’t see anything that really stood out as to how she would rule.
I saw a link today of a couple of comments she made about where policy is made.  It upset me.  Greatly.  Liberals came out of the woodwork saying "It’s out of context!  She is not advocating anything, she said so!"  I was going to ask them, "So you believed Bush when he said Iraq had WMD, right?"  Idiots.
Yeah, it was definitely apparent she advocates policy being decided in the courts.  This makes her unacceptable as a choice, but –the *reality* of the matter is–she *will* be.


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Are these guys Red or Blue?


I don’t think it matters, but it’s funny!
Obviously something someone would put on YouTube, but a good friend emailed it to me.  She and I see most political things from the same perspective (she’s a little to my left, but that’s OK).
The guy on my right ("Jackie") seems like he wants to come out but hasn’t yet…

Red State Update
Video: Red State Update


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The Dalai Lama. Help me understand it…

OK.  So the Dalai Lama is here in Seattle.  I’ve seen pictures of him, heard stories…etc  But that is about it.
This man has caused a lot of media churn lately so I thought I would read up on who this man is and what he represents.
So I did a Wikipedia.  It seemed to be informative, but I am not sure if it is correct or not.  Especially dealing with religious/political definitions…Wikipedia is dubious.  For one thing, it talks about the Dalai Lama being a "reincarnated" being.  Maybe my definition of "reincarnated" is different than what they are using.  To me "reincarnated" means the person is the same "inside" but different outside.  It would seem that "reincarnation" means something different to the followers of the Dalai Lama, because he (the Dalai Lama) said, "The Dalai Lama office was an institution created to benefit others. It is possible that it will soon have outlived its usefulness" 
So does this mean that he will simply stop reincarnating himself or is that process handled by someone else?  It was stated "These statements caused a furor amongst Tibetans in India. Many could not believe that such an option could even be considered. It was further felt that it was not the Dalai Lama’s decision to reincarnate. Rather, they felt that since the Dalai Lama is a national institution it was up to the people of Tibet to decide whether or not the Dalai Lama should reincarnate." 
That strikes me as either odd and remarkable.  The people of Tibet decide where or not the Dalai Lama should reincarnate?  To me, this would mean that the power to reincarnate is held collectively by the people of Tibet?  So if they decide one day "There is no need for a Dalai Lama" they convene and that’s it?  I’m looking for understanding and I only know one Buddhist, who may or may not follow his teachings.  I’ll ask–but I wanted to put this out there in the hopes that someone might enlighten me.

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No…we don’t have a liberal media…uh huh….

First let me say, I am not voting for John McCain, and I am a card carrying Republican from Arizona.



Interesting.  Why not "McCAIN SWEEPS REPUBLICAN NOMINATION" ?  That is much more newsworthy than a caucus that is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT.  WYOMING???  PLEASE.  For one thing, they have what..3 electoral votes?  And the only reason they have THAT many is because the Constitution mandates that the minimum number any state can have is 3.  The second thing why this is irrelevant is that more than 65% of the voters in that state are REPUBLICAN.  The media is reporting about a state that not only doesn’t matter in the long run, but that the DEMS will lose ANYWAY in November–and the LA Times knows this and STILL reports on it?  Why?

One may argue that every vote counts when you’re trying to capture your party’s nomination.  Fine.  But even that argument is flawed.  Just because you win your 2000+ votes doesn’t mean you will automatically get the nod.  I GUARANTEE there will be backroom deals going on in Denver.  Let’s face it, the DEMS are trying to do the virtually impossible; put a minority or a woman in the White House.  I can’t help but think this is going to be a VERY divisive election.  I think it might have been less so if, say, a minority or woman had run for the GOP nomination.

Want to hear my fantasy for the DEMS?  The fight gets so close that the LAST primary to be held will decide who wins.  Guess who that is?  I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.  Hint: They’re not a state and it ain’t Wash.DC, either.  If it came down to that—we will have new and pressing ISSUES in this country.


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Holy crap! Are the Dems finally getting SMART?? I see the 7th sign….

Vote: Time to quit the presidential race? – Decision ’08-

OK, so ….the Dems; tired of getting their asses kicked (is it an Ass or Donkey?) for the past 13 years (oh, I’m counting the trouncing they got in the House in ’94) they are finally understanding how it works:  you pick the one who has the BEST SHOT.  Everyone has been saying that Hillary can’t beat McCain, ‘cuz the Religious Right won’t have it.  I believe it.  I know of one Dem (Chicago Dem, at that) that actually voted for BUSH simply because the Democrat was too liberal.  HA!  But this time the candidate is BLACK….yeah…you get the picture.

As long as Obama doesn’t act like a REAL Dem and do something stupid (like pick a woman for VP) he’ll end up as Commander-in-Chief.  If I were Obama, I’d ENSURE I’d take some GOP fence sitters by choosing someone like Lamar Alexander. (Yeah, I know–but he’d go Blue AND he’s a Southerner).

Hillary has ALWAYS been about being President…even since her husband was Prez.  "We are the President…" a quote from the former First Lady.  And they think Bush says stupid stuff….uh huh.  If she were a LOYAL Democrat she would quit and throw all her allegiance to the "heir apparent". 

OH how I wish I were going to Denver in August….oooooh…there is gonna be a FIGHT!!  BIG!  HUGE!!  This is the most exciting election year since 1968.  Strong, history-making candidates.  This is great!  If Hillary gets the nod, the Senator from the Valley of the Sun will be bringing a Saguaro to plant in the Rose Garden.  If the Dems do what they need to do to get the White House–this will be the closest General Election in history.  I’d love to see it go the House…ooohhh  (For those of you who don’t get that–if neither candidate gets the 270 electoral votes, the President is chosen by the House of Representatives–which, is ruled by the Dems)





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Comeback Kid Jr? Or Wannabe?

I typically don’t pay attention to the Presidential race until the Conventions, but this race is unique.  As it is well known, the DEMS have produced two candidates who will make history regardless of who wins the primary.  Obama is the first black to win a caucus and is beating the former First Lady in key states.  Now, if the Clinton MoJo is working, Hillary will roar back and take the Left Coast and get the nod from the DEM delegates.  One thing that has hurt Senator Clinton is  the fact that the Kennedys have endorsed Senator Obama.
That had to hurt.
The Kennedys are hoping to be seen with a black to bolster their "Civil Rights" resume, even if they believe Obama will lose.  What will be truly interesting is if Hillary ends up winning, what she will tell Teddy and Co….
Either way….the South will have its say.  I will be extremely surprised if the South votes for Obama.  South Carolina is heavily black.  Alabama and Mississppi, may be different.  And no matter who wins, who will they choose as a running mate?  There ain’t NO WAY the US is gonna elect a Black AND a woman to run the country.  Nope.  No way.  Ain’ta gonna happen.  In either configuration.  Take it as the seventh sign if it happens.


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Illegals fleeing Arizona amid crackdown – Life-

 I never agreed to with the law with respect to its intent.  This issue is so sensitive and has more nuances to it than Baskin-Robbins has flavors.  Pearce says, "We have a free market, it’ll adjust" is as ignorant a comment as I’ve ever heard.  Landscaping, for example, done by a bunch of undocumented workers will cost you less than half if you have it done by another company that doesn’t use undocumented workers.  So now that the illegal workers have left…how does the market adjust?  You will pay more; simple as that.  Taxes?  Will go up, why–because unlike us "americans" the undocumented people paid their taxes without trying to use loopholes.  Oh yes, the government issues them a special SSN just to pay their taxes and then tells them to get out.  NICE.  So now that THAT money is gone, how will the market adjust?  You got it..they go up to make up for the loss. 

Every President since Reagan has given them amnesty.  Why stop now?

In my opinion, we (the United States) will NEVER as a country get over our prejudices with respect to color or ethnicity.  We can’t.  Most countries with various ethnicities have their differences too, but in our case its the extreme.  We had a Civil War with undercurrents that tied to race for heaven’s sake.  It’s as if, letting go of this hatred for the "different", makes us less…whatever we think of ourselves.

Women think this is a "man’s world".  That statement in and of itself is sexist.  Just as sexist as the following statement is racist:  "It’s a White Man’s world".  These two things; racism and sexism keep us from reaching our potential…perhaps a potential we may never realize.  It’s not that I don’t have faith in our system or in mankind–I’m just a realist.

Ask a typical American what "illegal immigrant" means.  And then ask them what they look like.  You’ll get what I’m saying.

Illegals fleeing Arizona amid crackdown – Life-


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Could you pass the U.S. citizenship test?

 If you can’t, you are a sad excuse for an American.  That’s right, you heard me.


I got 100%, BTW.




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Talking about Senate panel OKs gay marriage ban – Politics –



Senate panel OKs gay marriage ban – Politics –


This is going to get ugly………..

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