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The Zune HD in action!


OK, so you know I’m already *drooling* over the Zune HD…imagine what I did when I *SAW* this video…..OMG!!!!!


As soon as it comes out…I’m all over this like white on rice….

Like green on grass….

Like fur on a bear….

like…..<fill in your favorite>



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Who listens to that much music?

I belong to the Social.  I like the Social.  Even the word is pleasing to me….Social.
When one listens to your Zune and you connect it to your PC and you join the Social, it tells you how many plays you have listened to; which is a cumulative number of songs.  I got my Zune in October 2007 and it tells me that I have listened to almost 4000 songs.  Almost 1000 songs per month.  I look at the others on the Social and I’m seeing over 98 THOUSAND plays for individual users!  OK, maybe they got their Zune for Christmas 2006….15 months at over 6500 songs PER MONTH, 217 songs PER DAY; assuming one listens to their Zune 12 hours a day, that’s 18 songs per hour…a typical 4 minute song.  That’s EVERY DAY.  Dude……even with my eclectic taste in music I’m lucky to get 100 songs per day and my Zune is almost always on!  I listen to it on the way to work, at work, on my way to lunch, on my way home, while I’m working at home, and sometimes as I go to sleep.  (I’m listening to it now—Foreigner’s "Break it Up"….ooohhh yeah…reminds me of that time….)
So it makes me wonder (Maroon 5) how these people are getting so much music down.  OK, the site says that if a song plays for 20 seconds, it counts as 1 play.  Hmmmm…OK…So now I’m searching (Santana) for a way to get my count up by playing only the first 61 seconds (Outfield) of every song and see if it works.  A colleague of mine today told me that it’s like a contest for kids.  Something that you can’t buy but if you are #1, everyone must recognize it. hmmm perhaps.  But doesn’t that take the enjoyment out of listening to the music?  I mean only playing the first 20 seconds?? I don’t get it, but maybe I’m not supposed to get it.  Perhaps this is a young people thing and I’m too old to "get it". 
I still like the Social, though.  A lot.

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