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Funniest Out of Office message ever!

Okay, so I send an email to a co-worker and get the following Out-of-Office message:

I am out of the office on 4 November for immigration purposes. I will be working from home in the afternoon


Thank you,


So, exactly why is he working i there is an immigration issue?  And is he on the run?


I wanted to send an email out to my team:  Quick !  Find <co-worker>!


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Getting a Free Ride

This is the third week I have taken the Microsoft Connector Bus.  I must say, it does take the stress out of driving a little over an hour to work.  It’s a tour-style bus with restroom in the back, Wi-Fi, and AC outlets at every seat.
Microsoft even rented from the county certain parking spaces to designate them "Park-n Ride" for the Connector.  The first day they greeted us with gifts and espresso.  I passed on the espresso since I don’t understand why anyone would drink that crap…but it was a nice gesture.  They even had a hot Russian flight attendant to help wake you up.
I must say I look forward to catching the bus every morning.  It only takes 50 minutes and there is a shuttle waiting for me to take me to my building on campus when I disembark from the bus.  Best part of all this:  it’s all FREE!!  My office mate Bill Baer says, "I would rather drive and see the stock price go up than spend it on a free bus."  Bill, Bill, Bill…..c’mon….it’s about BENEFITS.  The stock price will go up when we start shipping the Surface, and a killer version of the Zune.


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My first Company Meeting

Interesting.  That’s about the best word for it.

The meeting was held at Safeco Field (Where the Seattle Mariners play).  I estimate about 10,000 people were there; some dressed in matching outfits for their specific group.  My group had black T-shirt.  One of the System Center groups had orange hats, scarfs, and mittens.  Other groups had foam noodles, plastic hand clappers, yada yada yada.  What really impressed me was that some of the people in my section were constructing paper airplanes and since we were in the "nosebleed" section, they could toss their creations and evaluate how good their design was.  Some of those airplanes were REALLY good!! 


I think that the meeting should be mandatory for all new hires and that they should have a competition that involves the employees more.  The "pump you up" is great, but they could engage the people more.  If I had to give it a grade, I’d give it a C+–but bumped to B- since Ballmer got emotional for Bill Gates’ last meeting.

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