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Talking about Zune

I may be laid up in the hospital, but I have everything I need to keep me occupied…well…almost.

I have my laptop, webcam, IP phone, cell phone, DigCam, and my ZUNE!!  Here is a video that I thought was a great little ad for Zune.  Enjoy.
Video: Zune – Raw Deluxe


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Heaven’s Christmas present to itself……

…or maybe Hell decided it got one today.
The Godfather of Soul passed away Christmas Day 2006 in Georgia.


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Download a song!

My cousin Adam has produced his first album, self-named "ADAM".  Download a song or two from iTunes today!

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How stingy are the Swiss?


ZURICH, Switzerland – An 85-year-old woman was found in the vault of a Swiss bank when she set off motion detectors hours after the bank was already closed, according to a statement released Wednesday.

Employees at the Zürcher Kantonalbank apparently forgot about the woman.

The director of the bank’s safe allowed the woman into the vault on Monday before closing it punctually at 4:30 p.m. local time — with the woman still deep in study of her documents, ZKB said.

She remained so still that she initially failed to activate either the motion detector or the attached camera, the bank said in confirming a report that appeared in the Zurich-based daily Tages-Anzeiger.

She was freed from the room four hours after the vault was closed.

The bank gave the woman a bouquet of flowers for suffering from the ordeal and said it would decide on further nonfinancial compensation.


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Talking about Chris Rock: How Not to Get Your Kicked by the Police


Possible one of the funniest videos out there.  CAUTION:  R-rated language ALL THROUGHOUT. 



Courtesy of IFILM

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