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Holy crap…what’s up with that?

I just can’t seem to blog as frequently as I should.


Well, this is almost mid-year and its time to do a check on my goals:


a) Weight/BMI  —  not *too* bad.  I’m at 201.5 right now.  I will have my BMI done next week at FittQuest.  My goal is Hit 185 lbs. with a BMI (body mass index) of 13%.  Maybe that was too aggressive…I am hoping to hit 190 lbs.  13%….sheesh…maybe 18% is more realistic, but we’ll see.  I will grade myself based on the end result and the effort to get to that result.


b)Plant two fruit trees — DONE.  I have a pear tree in the front and a garden in both the front and back.  I now have 8 fruit trees total.


c) Say sorry more often when I mess up — hmmm  need more work.


d) Get off warfarin – DONE.  I have a follow up CT Scan in June to check on one lingering clot in my lung.  Will give an update on that.


Can’t remember the others…will give an update on all goals when I get the results of my CT Scan.


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Como piensan Uds (vosotros)?

Un amigo, hace años atras, me dijo algo muy interesante:
El que no ama por sufrir, sufre porque no ama.
Que quiere decir este dicho para vos?


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A Handyman I ain’t….

So my oldest wanted a new bedroom set for her birthday.  (It was a compromise:  a cell phone or a bedroom set.)  She would send me links to various sites that sold them, and finally I went out and got one.  I did my homework; I made sure I had the right serial numbers, names, style and size.  Afterall, it was a long hike to the place and I was spending a TON of cash.  I start worrying if it will all fit into her mother’s van, so I research delivery options.  It would essentially DOUBLE the cost, so I am on the hook for driving down there, picking it up and bringing it back. 

The store people were pretty helpful, and I got what I wanted and headed out.  It all fit nicely.  I start to assemble the bedframe–not bad…looks bigger than a "Twin"..but it’s the frame.  I get the wooden slat structure that is supposed to take place of a box spring.  That was a total PITA to assemble and when I finally get it done…3 hours have gone by and I lay it in the frame.  There is about a 60 cm (2 feet) gap…WTF? I take the mattress out of its bag and it fits on the wooden slats but the frame is too big.  How in the world did this happen?  I go and look at the box.  It says "Full/Double".  WHAT!  WHAT!! How could this happen?  The boxes were all in the same bin!  The slats were right, the mattress was right, but the frame is wrong!  Pure filth strews out of my mouth…over and over and over….I even invented my *own*words!

NOW I have to DIS-assemble the frame and box it up and take it back and then get the RIGHT size and bring to her house and RE-ASSEMBLE the thang….I am *SO* hating the bed right now…I shoulda bought the cellphone.


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Who’s got big cajones?

I’ve been told by several people that I am a confident person;  almost to the point of being cocky.  I would have to agree with that assessment. 

When I got an IM from a colleague stating that he was going to send an email Steve Ballmer because he was so pumped up about our service SharePoint Online, I will admit that I had some reservations about that.  He’s young, excited and perhaps a little too "confident".  Didn’t matter.  Letter was out of the gate.  Here is what it said:


Hello My name is XXXXXX, I am an engineer for the SharePoint Online dedicated service.  We deploy, run and maintain SharePoint for our external customers such as <removed JUST IN CASE> among others, additionally we run the internal properties, some of which you know as http://msw , http://my and http://sharepoint .    I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how passionate and pumped we are about the official launch of SharePoint online to the world Monday.  Every time we hear or see an instance where senior management is publicly speaking about SharePoint online or SharePoint in general it fires us up.  It amazes me each day how much talent we have behind SharePoint and the services platforms, exciting times are ahead for sure.  To keep it short and sweet, we are very excited here in building 11 for the future of software + services, SharePoint and future customers as we improve and expand this awesome product and service.  Keep up the good work up there in the public eye and well do the same down here in the trenches. 

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


A very nice, uplifting email from someone who is obviously excited about what he is doing.  The email was entirely correct about the team being fired up about what we are doing in our group.  Sometimes being fired up gets us to do some things that might be considered "rash".  Not to say that this was rash, but if you are worried *after* you send the email, perhaps you should have thought about it longer.  When he told me that he had done it–I was proud of him.  He’s got guts.  Like I said, we are fired up about it but then again…how many employees would take the step to send Steve Ballmer an email saying, "I love my job".  I would be afraid of getting a reply like, "If you love your job, then do it and stop sending me email".


How many times have we heard from our respective employers "Take risks".  My friend took one and his gamble paid off.  He actually got a response that was something other than "Good luck in your future endeavors."   I’ve spoken to Mr Ballmer before (pissed him off in the process, but hey..), but that was before I joined Microsoft.  I have to say "RESPECT" to my colleague. Even if it was "youthful exuberance",  that took some guts to do.

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They sucked me into their ways….

I have been challenged to keep a technical blog.  I started one almost a year ago, but found that there were so many other technical blogs on SharePoint that I questioned the need and value of another blog.  I mean, how many blogs do we need to explain how to create a Team Site, or configure BDC, or integrate Single-Sign On?  I can guarantee that if I find one blog post on a subject, I can find three others on the same subject.
Regardless, the challenge wasn’t without merit and this week I will be promoting my technical blog at the SharePoint Conference:
I will aspire to make 3 or 4 posts per week.
On another note, I am taking another INR (blood viscosity) test today.  My level needs to be between 2.5 and 3.0 to be considered "in therapy level".  The point is to keep my  body from creating further clots in my lungs and to keep the ones that are there from forming larger clots by connecting with other smaller clots.  I want to take a BMI test this month so I know where I am at.  I’m hoping I’m below 20%…I am no longer under 190, which is due to me having an increased appetite , and increased muscle mass, but lower activity rate.  I have a colleague who is doing a low cal diet and working out.  He’s looking really lean lately.  Same height as me but he’s below 180.  I still have 10 months to go to drop 5 pounds and 5 percentage points in fat.  Actually, if I get under 15% and get to 10%–I dont care what I weigh.

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Look, I understand the whole Circle of Life thing, but….DANG!

I have a friend in Scottsdale who’s backyard is open desert.  He decided to fence it because he had a medium size dog.  He was afraid the dog would wander a bit thereby descending to the bottom of the food-chain.
Apparently in Australia, a man’s house isn’t his castle–it’s the cafeteria for wildlife.


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Getting one-upped

I get a call from my mother this afternoon.  She says she got a call from my niece a couple of days ago.  It seems she was offered an anchor position with the local TV station there and was immediately assigned to be a mentor for a student from UNLV who was majoring in Broadcast Journalism.  The following conversation took place:
Mom:  I’m so proud of you Jenn!
Niece: Thanks!  Oh, I have to tell you something funny.
Mom: OK
Niece:  I was assigned to be a mentor for a girl from UNLV
Mom:  My alma mater!
Niece:  Yeah!  So, when I found out she was from Vegas I told her that my grandmother was from Vegas.
Mom:  OK? 
Niece:  I went on to brag about you and how you sing in Gladys Knight’s choir
Mom:  HAHA
Niece:  The intern said to me, "Oh–My grandma is really busy with that choir".  and I said OH–does your grandmother sing with Gladys too?  and she said, "My grandma *IS* Gladys Knight".
Mom:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!  That will teach you not to brag!
Niece: I got one-upped today!


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