Getting back to the Blog

I will dedicate this blog to anything I find interesting.  Smile

First off, I just got back from the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas—big success.  They had some wi-fi issues, and there were too many parties, so networking was tough…but in the end; it was a good conference.

I just purchased a new Windows Phone.  I was upgraded free of charge to the Lumia 920 by AT&T since I spend *thousands* of dollars a year with them.  I must say that this phone is incredible.  HEAVY, but still a beautiful piece of equipment.  I’ve been using Windows Mobile/Phone since the late 1990s.  Microsoft truly has outdone themselves this time.  The functionality is the most robust of phones currently on the market.  I just thought I would talk about one feature that truly knocked my socks off.

The Camera

The Nokia 920 sports a 26 mp camera with a Carl Zeiss lens….don’t know what any of that means.  I just know that it does something that completely amazes me (and freaks me a little).

You know how sometimes when you are taking a picture and someone or something goes in front of you while you are snapping it and you have to take another?  Well no longer.  This camera doesn’t care and will let you remove the offending object from the pic.  In the pictures below you will see that I’m taking a pic of the steering wheel in my car and then as I snap the pic, I pass my index finger by the camera to simulate some jerk going in front of me.


So now the offending object needs to go away….fine, so I press the eraser icon and get the following option:


It ‘sees’ what it thinks shouldn’t be there and puts an outline around it.  You’ll see that the camera also outlined some other things it thinks don’t belong.  I will ignore those and choose the outline of my finger:


Yeah…it takes out the image of the finger and even shows me what is *behind* the image…that’s the part that is “freaky”, to me.

Can your camera do that?

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