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WHOA….yeah, been a long time…

So, I’m just doing my thing and a message comes from a friend,

“Do you blog anymore?”

“Sure…mostly techy stuff now.”

“I’m bored, I need something to read.”  I give her the URL to one of my technical posts and she virtually vomits.  Too techy.  I get it; I should have another blog where I simply ramble on and on about how crazy my life is and what I do to cope.


This year is quickly coming to an end and I’ve done a LOT this year PLUS I’ve traveled to a LOT of places and haven’t taken time out to report to you, the reader, what I’ve done.  I apologize and its simply lack of desire to take the time and document it since—documentation is where I spend the bulk of my time lately.  So who wants to write more after spending a day of writing?

Any way–

I got a new phone.  A Samsung Focus, running Windows Phone 7 OS.  Love it.  L-O-V-E it.  The Social Features are stellar.  The email experience with multiple Exchange servers simply rocks.  Love the fact that the calendar is always in front of me.  Now for the bad stuff:  I’m not as impressed with the radio, though.  It uses the headset cord as an antenna (LAME) and doesn’t seem to allow me to add music to my collection.  BOOOO!  AND it isn’t HD.  BOOO!

OK, change the subject.

My citrus trees are in season.  I’ve made gallons of juice; a mixture of navel orange, Arizona sweet, and tangerines.  My grapefruit isn’t ready yet and won’t be probably for another month or two.  I planted my winter grass and the frickin birds ate a ton of my seed and so I have brown grass on my edges.  Hate those birds.  Also I hate my homeowners insurance carrier:  American Strategic Insurance (ASI) THEY SUCK!  and so do their subcontracting adjusters Crawford…something.  Damage was suffered 30 of October, had a plumber fix the pipe and he suggested a restoration company (who was quick to come and start the process of the mold cleanup), but from there everything went downhill.  I called to file a loss and they (GEICO – underwritten by ASI) took over a week to come and look and here we are over a month later and I have heard NOTHING from them.  I have called them several times and they keep pointing the finger at the adjuster who returns the finger pointing at the insurance company.  Preliminary estimate was “Under your deductible of $1000”.  They are smoking dope!  Mold damage, wall damage and floor replacement are DEFINITELY going to cost me more than $1000.  BANDITS!!

Ok, change the subject.

I thought I wouldn’t have to travel for the rest of the year, but it seems I will be in Denver next week….sigh.


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