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Best Practices Conference

For the third consecutive year I was honored by being selected to speak at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference.  Besides the Microsoft SharePoint Conference, there is no other conference that has such a distinguished speaker line up.  There will be a keynote by Microsoft Certified Masters which will be a treat as well.

There will be many sponsors and exhibitors giving away cool stuff.  Even my employer will be giving away a ZUNE HD to some lucky attendee who is able to be the mayor of several venues at the conference.


Yeah, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock—Foursquare is a location based social network that incorporates gaming elements. Foursquare allows people to announce their location and earn “badges” for checking in at certain venues repeatedly and those who are more faithful to a venue can earn the title of Mayor.

So why am I talking about this?  Well, I’m the one who gets to award the Zune HD and so I get to set the rules for how the lucky person may obtain it.  Continue reading below if you are interested in winning the Zune HD.



1.  All decisions are final and will be made by me (Rick Taylor)

2.  There will be only ONE winner.

3.  There may be a tie, in which the winner’s name will be drawn at random

4.  The winner will be notified by email address that he/she has won and to provide a shipping address

5.  All participants MUST attend the Best Practices Conference.  See this link for more information.

6.  All participants MUST have a twitter account and understand how to tweet.

7.  All participants MUST have a foursquare account and understand how to check in.

8.  All participants MUST add @SLKRCK as a friend on foursquare

9.  The winner of the contest will have obtained the following badges at any time during or prior to the conference:

a.  Crunked

b.  School Night

c.  Swarm or Superswarm

d.  Adventurer

e.  Bender

10.  In addition to the above badges being earned, the winner of the contest will have obtained a mayorship of at least 3 of the 10 venues at the Conference.  A Venue is defined as a room where a particular session is being presented.

11.  Participants MUST shout the Title text on the 16th (4 squared) slide of each session they attend.

12.  If Rick Taylor is the presenter, you must shout “Slick Rick is the Man!" at your check in

13.  The winner will have checked in at the most Exhibitors at the Conference.  Verification: shout the name of the person manning the booth.

14.  The first check in at the Conference will be at 8:45am with the introduction of the keynote.  All participants must check in at this time (+/- 5 min)

15.  The last check in at the Conference will be at 4:30pm with the closing of the Post Conference.  The game officially ends at this time.

16.  Any mistakes, oversights, bloopers, typos in these instructions are all mine and will not affect the outcome.  (See Rule #3)

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