We were ROBBED!!

I am just now getting over being LIVID.  First I was incredulous; then I was outraged; then I became angry.  Did not quite foam at the mouth and didn’t swear as much as I probably felt I was entitled to (I didn’t swear at all—but boy, I *almost* did).

The World Cup is in full swing and full of surprises and upsets: France getting beat badly by Mexico, Switzerland blanking El Rojo (Spain) and Serbia shutting out Germany.  This particular match between Team USA and the Slovenia National team will go down in World Cup history as the team that came back from a 2 goal deficit to even the game, then scoring the winning goal only to have it ruled out.  Why?  No one knows.  The referee won’t explain.  Before I get worked up again…I will let the reader read the account.



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