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Microsoft Office says I’m Caucasian…Come Again?


I was creating a presentation for a client and was looking for a graphic.  I click on INSERT, CLIP ART and search for ‘USERS’.  I got back a bunch of crappy art work and then some pretty decent stock photos.  OK.  I try ‘USER’ (singular, without the s).  A stock photo of a black man sitting next to a PC shows up.  hmmm…I try ‘ASIAN’—a bunch of drawings of dragons and then some decent stock photos of people.  OK.  I try ‘HISPANIC’ – a LOT of stock photos of family and soccer.  Then I try ‘CAUCASIAN’…and get this:


00400691[1]  and   00411847[1]  and   00400686[1]


Is Black the new White?  Did I miss the re-assigning of the terms??

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The 25 Days of Christmas



I am such a Holiday Nut.  I guess it comes from my background; elementary school, home, friends, etc.  I have always celebrated holidays—even the obscure ones like Arbor Day. 

So a tradition that I REALLY enjoy during Christmas is the “25 Days of Christmas”, ostensibly since Christmas falls on the 25th of December I begin on December 1.  Every day I do something slightly different and pick up pace on the 13th (so I can include the “12 Days of Christmas”…more on that later).

OK.  Here is the plan and how we roll here in Arizona:

December 1 – Made 5 dozen cookies, mixed bag of gingerbread, sugar, and chocolate chip.  Took a batch and “Ding Dong Ditched” a neighbor.

December 2 – Put up Christmas Lights

December 3 – Went to #3 Daughter’s Christmas Choral concert, came home and did homemade crafts.

December 4 – Went Christmas Tree shopping.  Bought an 8 foot Noble Fir.

December 5 – Went to a Christmas breakfast party where Santa came and gave kids candy canes.

December 6 – Made stained-glass cookies with the neighbors and “Ding Dong Ditched” another neighbor.  It was our neighbors first time making cookies and DDD’ing someone.  It was a blast!

December 7 – Watched ‘Elf’, made some hot cocoa and decorated the tree with popcorn.

December 8 – Youngest daughter has a Christmas choir concert.  Then Gingerbread House making with neighbors!

Day 9 — My 8 year old son and 10 year old daughter stopped arguing for 1 hour while they build a Gingerbread house.  The finished product is below:

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