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What is wrong with the world?


I used to think it was just fine.  Really.  You got either what you deserved quickly, or in time.  It was just a matter of time, thought I – before Yin and Yan would compensate for all inequities.

Today I received a phone call that damn near put me on the edge.


Phone caller:  Hello, may I speak to Richard Taylor?

Me: This is he.

Phone caller:  <Indian accent> Mr. Taylor, this is the Bank of America, and I am calling you to tell you that you owe $4562.34 and we would like to know if you will be paying this via Visa or Mastercard today.</Indian accent>

Me: Excuse me??  Who is this?

Phone caller: The Bank of America. 

Me: And you say I owe you $4000??

Phone caller: No, $4562.34

Me:  Why?

Phone caller: we have not received a payment from you since March 2009.

Me:  Payment for what?

Phone caller:  Home mortgage.  We used to be Countrywide Home Loans and we are now Bank of America

Me: I am on automatic payments.  I know you have been paid


It is at this time I go to my account online and give the caller all the pertinent info and proof that I made payments (or rather, that they TOOK them). 


Phone caller:  Thank you, Mr. Taylor for your patronage.  Is there anything else I can do for you this afternoon?


The only thing stopping me for cussing her out was the fact that I couldn’t believe I was hearing what I was hearing. 

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