Supreme Court Nominee

I didn’t vote for Obama, but you knew that. 
For the most part I have been pleased with his picks for cabinet positions and other appointments.  There have been a couple of gaffes, but no biggie.  No one is perfect.  The President is about to nominate Sonia Sotomayor as the replacement to Judge Souter on the Supreme Court.  I read up on her but didn’t see anything that really stood out as to how she would rule.
I saw a link today of a couple of comments she made about where policy is made.  It upset me.  Greatly.  Liberals came out of the woodwork saying "It’s out of context!  She is not advocating anything, she said so!"  I was going to ask them, "So you believed Bush when he said Iraq had WMD, right?"  Idiots.
Yeah, it was definitely apparent she advocates policy being decided in the courts.  This makes her unacceptable as a choice, but –the *reality* of the matter is–she *will* be.


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2 responses to “Supreme Court Nominee

  1. David

    No big surprise to me at all. Did anyone really think that Barack would nominate a Conservative, non-activist to the Bench? OTOH – regarding justices – past performance is no indicator of future decisions.

  2. Richard

    Any activist judge, whether Liberal OR Conservative is unacceptable. That is not their job to implement, introduce, or invalidate policy. I was hoping that *CHANGE* meant a change in appointing activist judges. I would rather have a non-activist liberal, than an activist conservative.

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