Why does Life get in the way?

I love to blog.  Really, I do.  I also love being a consultant.  A lot. 

I’ve put on many many miles between my last post and this one.  Too many.  It seems the busier I get, the less I do.  I don’t get it.  Why/how can I do more and less at the same time?

So what have I done vs not done since my last post?


Spoke at SharePoint conferences in Iceland, The Czech Republic, and San Diego


Bought a house


Am writing an article for REDMOND magazine

It’s crazy!

So….I am committing to blogging more and facebook-ing less.  I will say Facebook does suck up some time and not any of it is necessary.  I want to spend more time here and my two technical blogs.  Be less social.


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  1. Hermann

    Hi RickI would love to see some of your photos from Iceland, it woud be cool if you could add them here sometime :)HermannP.S hope to see you soon in Iceland

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