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Looking back at 2008

At first I felt guilty about doing this, but then I thought to myself:  I need to be accountable.  So–as painful as it may be, I am going to set some goals here for myself and  let everyone see what I will be focusing on in 2009.


I made a trip to Suriname to speak on SharePoint.  I participated in the largest event in the country and had a blast!.

I spoke at the MCT Summit in Berlin.  Got to drive on the Autobahn (120 Km/h) while driving to Dresden.  Loved it! 

February – May

Worked my butt off at Microsoft and having a hard time adjusting to the weather.


Took a new job with a consulting company in Phoenix.  They relocated me and I started visiting clients in various places.


Hit 118 degree  day on the day I bought a new car.  Good thing its white.


I speak at TechEd SouthEast Asia in Kuala Lumpur.  I visit Thailand on the way.  Loved it.  Asia is now my favorite continent.


Speak at the SharePoint Best Practices Conference in Washington DC.  Awesome conference!  Great topics and speakers!


Start looking for a new house.  What a horrible process.  I go to Reykjavik to speak at the DiveDeeper conference.  The country goes bankrupt while I am there.  The most surreal thing to happen to me.  People all around losing their jobs INSTANTLY.


I am sent to Dallas for a couple of weeks to work on a project for a Security company.  If it weren’t for clients, business would be great!  I also end up going to SoCal to help out with a failed project.


It seemed as though December went by the quickest.  Holidays made this month ZOOM.  I’m on my way out the door to party with the mayor of my town.



a) Hit 185 lbs. with a BMI (body mass index) of 13%.

b) Do three triathlons.  I want to do one in March in Anthem.

c) Say I’m sorry when I’ve messed up more often.

d) Get a pedicure.  I hear they are relaxing…we’ll see.

e) Plant a fruit tree somewhere in my yard.

f)  Get off of Warfarin


2008 Shout Outs


Sonny – You’re a great boss!

DaKnutCase – You’re a great friend and mentor.

JasonBourne – 2 words:  YOU ROCK!

Deepz – You know you da stuff, grl

Mr Brooks – The next RD…I feel it

Tory – You owe me a CD!

Kimmeesook – Come back.

Felicity_Dubai – Be strong.  Stick it out.  You can do it!

Looking forward to a prosperous and happy 2009!  and wish the same for all of my friends and family.  Take care

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