My Political Lean – Obama v McCain

I have voted in every Presidential election since 1984 with the exception of 2004.  I have voted either Republican (GOP) or Democrat (DEM) with the exception of 1992 and 2000.  I have campaigned for a DEM and I have hung posters for a GOP candidate.  The ordinary person would find this interesting or maybe stupid.  Why don’t you just vote one way?  Are you a DEM or GOP?  Are you a conservative or liberal?


In my totally elitist, arrogant opinion:  Stupid voters vote party only and not issue.  I ONLY vote issue.  It’s the only thing that matters.  Abortion is an issue.  Taxes is an issue.  Military is an issue.  Welfare is an issue.  Political parties will craft policies to deal with issues.  So the way I see it is :  which candidate is putting emphasis on the issues that are important to me?

1984 – I voted for Mondale because I perceived him to be honest with his election-killing statement about taxes.  PLUS, he had the guts to put a female on the ballot with him.  HONESTY was big with me, so he got my vote.

1988 – I voted for Dukakis.  I campaigned for Dukakis.  The issue with me was the national debt.  I HATED Jesse Jackson’s upstaging and it almost drove me to the other side.  But I stuck to my guns and voted DEM.

1992 – I voted for Perot.  His campaign is what convinced me to only vote for candidates who have a PLAN.  He had a plan, he had character.  He was the choice for me.

1996 – I voted for Dole.  NAFTA disgusted me.  His demeanor disgusted me.  He was soft and spineless in the face of the biggest terrorist acts on American soil at that time.

2000 – I voted for Harry Brown.  Bush didn’t have a plan.  Gore was a stooge…invented the internet…OMG….had no plan

2004 – I was out of the country and I didn’t register for early voting…I probably would have voted third party again.  Kerry didn’t have a plan and Bush didn’t either.


So here we are in 2008.  Neither has a plan for the issues that are important to me.  Healthcare is important but neither has a plan.  Obama keeps talking about how important it is, but hasn’t presented a plan.  Oil prices are important to me, but neither has a plan.  I am undecided and am very worried.  I don’t vote AGAINST anyone, that is silly to me.  I need to find something that the candidate, in fact, will do and that I agree with.

Talk to a younger guy at the gym last night.  He asked me who I was going to vote for.  I said, "I’m undecided.  You?"

"I’m going for Obama."

"Really?  Why?"

"Because I believe he’s for the younger generation and we need a change"

"A change from what?"

"From Bush"

"Aren’t we getting that anyway?"

"If McCain wins, I feel we’re just getting four more years of Bush"


He sat and thought for a moment and then just shrugged his shoulders, "I don’t know", he said.

I asked, "What is it about Obama that you like?"

"Well, I think he represents the up and coming generation" (I recognized that from what he said before and thought to myself…this man has no idea).

I told why I was still undecided and that Obama really has nothing to offer, but that McCain INFURIATES me.  Not that he is four more years of Bush (don’t really know what that means exactly) but I don’t like certain things that he as done.  I can’t point to anything that Obama has done that I like *or* dislike (except the fact that he didn’t vote on anything until he started campaigning and I view that as a bad thing).  I could see the wheels turning in his mind and the realization that he really didn’t know why he wanted to vote for Obama.  He still was going to vote for him regardless, and I understand that.  I really do.

My thirteen year old daughter and I were putting together my new smoker-grill and we had a chat.  I asked her who she would vote for if she were voting.  She said, "oh…I don’t know.  I’m leaning toward McCain."

"Why is that?" I asked.

"Well–he’s more experienced than Obama and if we get into trouble he’ll know what to do more than Obama".

"What are your friends saying?"

"Everyone is saying "Go Obama!"

"And how does that make you feel?"

"It’s OK.  Everyone should have a say.  I just think McCain is better.  Who are you going to vote for?"

"I’m undecided."

"Oh..hahahaha…you should vote for McCain, Dad."

"Really?  Let me tell you why I don’t like him first…"  I proceed to tell her.

"Ohhh.  hmmm…"  she says.

"Did that change your mind?" I ask her

"No.  I still think McCain is better.  We don’t know what we’re getting with Obama".

Oh, if only most adults could think like my thirteen year old daughter…not that she is voting for McCain, but that she can honestly think and assess without emotion what her choices are and without FUD clouding her judgement.



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3 responses to “My Political Lean – Obama v McCain

  1. Victor Manuel

    Hi Rick,
    Perhaps the politics, and the way to reach the masses oblies to only talk in generic and easy-going ways.   But there are some very interesting articles, with regards to the full details on how both candidates are going to tackle the some of the issues you mentioned. 
    The fundamental economic policies from the republicans is less intervention in the economy, and let the free markets forces deal with the balance (offer and demand), hence McCain basically propose to cut taxes and decrease the size of the GOP to achieve his main objectives (it\’s more complex than this and requires more time than I can write now, but you get the idea).
    The Dems economic pillars relies on heavy investment from the goverment to create dynamics in the economy, and increase taxes to the "wealthy", pretty much inline with the "new deal" concept, and to provide incentives to the enterprenours to develop their business in a fair market.
    Historically, the US economy has shown the need of alternate periods for both types of  economic policies to provide a balance, but when a specific policy stays too long, the economy goes bad.   Some people may differ for the exact amount of alternate periods, but the statistics are there.
    So in summary, if you are looking for details about how each candidate is going to fix the issues mentioned above, more digging in their campaing plattforms is needed from you as an individual voter.  
    Ahh and always remember the created interest which are always lobbying the congress to bend the official economic policy.   
    Hope it helps.

  2. Norris

    Thank you for posting this. I find it interesting that we\’ve voted the nearly the same almost every election.  However, this time around I\’m voting for Obama. The experience factor is not an issue with me because both McCain and Obama has no executive experience. What I\’m looking for in president this time around is a true leader, someone who shares my values, and unite the country. Plus, just as you stated McCain scares me too. If Mitt Romney was the GOP candidate, I might be undecided because in my opinion he was more qualified than McCain and Obama.
    I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the subject.

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