Google’s Chrome Browser–impressive, but not ‘WOW’

So just like any other technophile, I go to download the latest craze — the new browser from Google known as ‘Chrome’.  Fast download and installation.  Lots of options.  Good, good, I like so far.  It gets all of my favs from IE and even its history–cool.  Then I go to my Live Spaces site ( and this is what I see:



hmmm…I say to myself.  The photo section is MUCH better as it shows all of my albums.   But–there are things missing; COOL things missing:


So my buddy and former office mate BBaer says, "That’s the problem with any browser, depends on their individual interpretation of "standards" as defined by the W3C".  This is a correct statement and it actually is true for a lot of other things, not just browsers–but that is a subject for another post on another day.  But dude…what Chrome is missing is simple iFrames and imbedded HTML…basic stuff.

With all of the hoopla and people saying "OOH" and "AHH" I don’t see it.  Maybe someone will blog on why the browser is so cool.  I like it, but I’m not feeling the "ooh".

SharePoint runs faster in Chrome, but–we run into the same problems with rendering.  I’m sure they will get worked out–hey, it’s beta.  Definitely cool, but definitely not ‘WOW’.



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6 responses to “Google’s Chrome Browser–impressive, but not ‘WOW’

  1. Joselyn Lee

    I\’m not feeling how it changed my page either. None of my flash plays on the page and it does something really weird to embedded videos. But gosh it\’s super fast loading my page.

  2. Alexander

    try safari and you will see the same.. I think its WebKit,…so it will not change..cause even in safari 3 our spaces look awful

  3. Unknown

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