So…are things *THAT* bad, or was it something else?

Craziest thing happened today.

I’m in a conference call in the central room of the office.  I hear people yelling as if someone spilled something hot in the laps; all at the same time.  One of my co-workers runs to me and says, "DUDE…look out the window!".  I go and look out the window and there is a man, face down, in a pool of blood.  Where did he come from?  It was obvious.  The *ONLY* place he could have come from was from the top of the building.  He jumped 25 stories to his death.


It’s a circus right now.  TV, Police, Paramedics, People….<sigh>


Tragedy.  What was going through his mind that made him decide to jump?  Was it an accident?  Was he pushed?  Was he fired?  Unbelievable.

That was one thing I hope I NEVER see again.



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2 responses to “So…are things *THAT* bad, or was it something else?

  1. peng_800120

    Despite the fact that this is a tragedy,I think he is not responsible for his family,his parents,his friends,and especially for himself.Suicide is also a sort of crime.

  2. peng_800120

    Sopposing that he had really suicided.I thought what is  "below".

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