Funny how things change…

I have four children.  It was funny when the first was born–how careful I was to make sure everything was quiet, sterilized and comfortable.  When number two came along, it wasn’t as quiet or as sterilized as when the first was born.  By the time the fourth came, he was lucky if I wiped off the nipple of the pacifier if it fell on the ground.  Leaving Microsoft was sort of the same experience for me.

When you come onboard, there are scores of people there fawning over you making sure you have all of the email aliases of everyone and anyone that you might need.  You had a ton of paperwork to read over and an assigned person to work with you to make sure you understood it.  Everything was automatic:  you were automatically enrolled in this or that.  You could opt out, but all you had to do was say "boo" and you were opted out.  It was very much the First Child syndrome.  When you *leave*, however, it is very much the LAST Child Syndrome.  I was given a yellow piece of paper that looked like it came out of the old lithograph machines that said basically–You *used* to have this, but now you don’t.  The HR rep had to even WRITE phone numbers and email addresses on the paper for me to CALL about EVERYTHING.  You want COBRA?  Call this number.  Change of Address?  Send mail here.  Nothing automatic (they *could* make it automatic), nothing easy. 

It all came to light when I tried to pick up a prescription.  Microsoft hadn’t sent the requisite COBRA forms to me and hadn’t even updated my new address–but didn’t hesitate to terminate the benefits.  No biggie, I pay the 20 bucks for the stuff and am told I could get reimbursed, but that I needed to hit up Premera myself.  Good thing the pharmacist said that all I needed to do was show her the COBRA paperwork and she would reimburse me and bill Premera.  Nice customer service; I appreciate that.  I then send mail to the HR alias so I can get my address updated.  Funny how they didn’t even ask me for it in the Exit Interview, ya think?  Last check is probably getting bounced around the State of Washington now…


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  1. PAUL

    Funny. Hotep and God bless.

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