Weekend trip to Arizona—UPDATE: MOVE COMPLETED

I was flown to Phoenix to meet my new boss and team.  A great group of professionals who are looking to make a difference and a splash in the market.  I am excited to be working with them.

The weekend was very nice.  I was surprised that the summer was so brutal so early.  I think I’m starting to believe this "global warming" thing afterall.  The weather everywhere seems to be out of whack.  Snowing in Seattle in April, and 110+ degrees (45C) in June in Phoenix.  On Friday it hit 118.  It was a good thing one goes from air conditioned environment to the next; you really don’t feel it unless you are going from a parking lot to a store and then you start to wonder…whoa…how hot *is* it?  I think 118 would make a Washingtonian faint…shoot, just the *mentioning* might do the trick.  I’m on the plane now and the captain said that it was 66 degrees in Seattle.  66 in June..sorry, that seems a bit chilly to me; even for 6pm.  Oh well, to each his own suffering.

This week will be spent doing some spring cleaning to get ready for the packing team and then the movers.  My office is so tore up, it might take me the whole day to get that under control.  Then will come the garage…heaven help me.  Please.

I am really looking forward to starting the new gig and to start blogging about my experiences.  My technical blog at http://blogs.technet.com/ritaylor will be getting more current as well.


The move is completed.  The lessons learned were many.  "Tying up loose ends" now takes a more serious meaning to me.  So does the term "preparation". 

I’m waiting for the Cable TV and Internet guy to get here and hook me up so I can post this entry. 


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One response to “Weekend trip to Arizona—UPDATE: MOVE COMPLETED

  1. PAUL

    Welcome back to Arizona. You\’ll get use to the heat the same way you got use to the rain in Washington. Hotep and God bless.

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