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Another Chapter closes while Another opens

It was a good run.

I’m tired, beat, burnt out, etc.  I had to try and I even liked it.  Job was cool, boss was cool, team was cool…the surroundings weren’t happening. 

I was never one for keeping old adages; especially "Leave with grace and bridges in place".  DOH!  I still have a boatload of testing, and I fear it just won’t get done by the time I need to leave.  I start my new gig in a couple of weeks and we ship June 30.  There is so much to do home side that I’m afraid that something must give…I’ve made up my mind:  I will make it on time when the boat leaves for my next journey; bridge be damned.

TechEd US would have been nice, but I will make up for it in TechEd SEA.  And Representing a company that looks forward to me going.  I am very excited to contribute to a new-yet familiar team, in a new-yet familiar place, doing something new-yet familiar stuff.

All signs point to this being a very good move.  Lower cost of living, boost in pay, reasonable housing costs, NICE WEATHER, happy people around me…yeah, I’m excited.  Downside is, it seems I am leaving death and destruction behind.  Not a good thing, but I can’t help the course of the things that happened.  I did not initiate them–I’m just going with the flow.

So, I look forward to not having to watch what I say on my public blog any more.  I look forward to not having it snow in April (almost May).  I look forward to more than 10 sunny days a year.  I look forward to not having to travel 30 minutes just to go somewhere to eat or to the theatre.

On the other hand, I will miss the cultural diversity.  I will miss Microsoft.  I will miss the deer that come into my back yard.  And there are people that I will miss a lot.  I must call them out:

CSmith — You were right.  You were always right.  There is nothing to say but…you were right all along.

LKwon — Give me the addresses of your relatives in Korea.  I’ll tell them you sent me.  HA! We’ll be in touch always.

DMendoza — Melange in Yakima was awesome!  I thought it you’d move to Seattle but…not this time.

BBaer — I bow.  But your Redskins still suck.

SKelley — I’m selling that pic of you on Ebay.

MWatson — You’re tougher than I, boss.

TSnyder — Chess via email…it’ll work.

Las Maris (Apud, Martinez, Luisa) — son las mas bellas alli.  De verdad!  Fue un placer.

BMS — YOU.  As Dorothy said to the Scarecrow–"I think I will miss you most of all".  I shed a tear thinking about your housecall and what I learned.  My son loved Cannon and learned a lot from him.  You and your family MUST come and visit.  MUST.


so now, my Messenger will read:  T minus…..the number of days ’til HOT SUMMER NIGHTS!


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Cubs are the best team in baseball entering June for the first time in 100 years.


So read the Headlines at ESPN.

This is scary.  Being a White Sox fan (who, I might add, are in First Place in the AL Central) this is disturbing.  We can’t stand any goodness for the sCrUBS.  None.  The only time we *won’t* boo them, is if they are the ONLY representative from the Windy City.  We won’t cheer; but we won’t BOO them, either.  We’ve all been around to see the sCrUBS make the playoffs, but NO one (that I know) was even BORN the last time the sCrUBS even made an appearance at the Fall Classic.  I am *convinced* that it would take a goat sacrifice in Center Field to counteract the curse history has on them.  I’m still believing that it will, but the signs are pointing to the sCrUBS going again.  HOWEVER….they *do* have a history of CHOKING.  So I’m thinking…this year will be the biggest CHOKE of the CENTURY.  They will go into October heavily favored–up 3-0 in the NLCS and lose the next four to my beloved Arizona Diamondbacks.

You see, I’m in baseball heaven now.  Two Chicago teams and an Arizona team in first place….mmmmm.  My fantasy?  AZDBacks vs White Sox (that’ll kill me, but it will be sweet pain).  Next would be White Sox v sCrUBS.  Gotta love a hometown Series.

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