I’ve heard it said that we are constantly in a state of War, with intermittent periods of Peace.


Today I saw a friend’s tagline say "This is why I live in Washington.  Beautiful!".  Currently, as I write this blog entry, it is sunny and 71 degrees F in the Seattle area.  Very nice, indeed.  Ask me when the last time the area had this nice of weather….hmmmmm a year ago, perhaps?  Will I enjoy it?  Yes, absolutely.  All 65 more days of it. 

They say Seattle is a city that is heavy laden with depressed people (because of the weather).  I must counter that the people must be the most optimistic, or they wouldn’t live here.  Hey–they LIVE for the 65+ days of sun!!  They drudge through 300 days of CRAPPY weather for the 65 days of sunshine.  THAT, to me, is the epitome of OPTIMISM.

I blogged once about how the good folk of the Pacific Northwest don’t understand temperature very well.  I now understand why.  It’s all about perspective.  If you have 300 plus days of rainy, cloudy, ugly weather where one is always wearing a coat, or jacket of some sort (hey…the native Washingtonians don’t even use umbrellas) when the sun comes out–it must be warm.  If the sun is out and its not raining…it’s "hot".  Temperature has nothing to do with it.  I was mistaken–I thought they were really referring to was the actual temperature and their skewed view (since they don’t understand the difference between hot and humid)–but NO.  Hot means–the sun is out and its not raining.  I get it now.



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