A Handyman I ain’t….

So my oldest wanted a new bedroom set for her birthday.  (It was a compromise:  a cell phone or a bedroom set.)  She would send me links to various sites that sold them, and finally I went out and got one.  I did my homework; I made sure I had the right serial numbers, names, style and size.  Afterall, it was a long hike to the place and I was spending a TON of cash.  I start worrying if it will all fit into her mother’s van, so I research delivery options.  It would essentially DOUBLE the cost, so I am on the hook for driving down there, picking it up and bringing it back. 

The store people were pretty helpful, and I got what I wanted and headed out.  It all fit nicely.  I start to assemble the bedframe–not bad…looks bigger than a "Twin"..but it’s the frame.  I get the wooden slat structure that is supposed to take place of a box spring.  That was a total PITA to assemble and when I finally get it done…3 hours have gone by and I lay it in the frame.  There is about a 60 cm (2 feet) gap…WTF? I take the mattress out of its bag and it fits on the wooden slats but the frame is too big.  How in the world did this happen?  I go and look at the box.  It says "Full/Double".  WHAT!  WHAT!! How could this happen?  The boxes were all in the same bin!  The slats were right, the mattress was right, but the frame is wrong!  Pure filth strews out of my mouth…over and over and over….I even invented my *own*words!

NOW I have to DIS-assemble the frame and box it up and take it back and then get the RIGHT size and bring to her house and RE-ASSEMBLE the thang….I am *SO* hating the bed right now…I shoulda bought the cellphone.



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4 responses to “A Handyman I ain’t….

  1. PJ

    "Patience is a Virtue" comes to mind. LOL. Sooooo sorry. It must be frustrating. Good luck with the completion.
    Until next time..Keep Smiling.

  2. Bailey G

    You went to Ikea, didn\’t you? 

  3. Cindy

    I woulda got the phone.  Then you couldve added the gps thingy and tracked her wherever she may roam:)

  4. Sariah

    So u dont like putting things together… Was it really that fruseraing? im sorry dad! lol 🙂 Im fine ith geting a phone as well!

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