What do you say if you have nothing to say?


I just feel the need to post today.  I have nothing really of importance to say.  Nothing witty.  Nothing funny or anything that bothers me; except the weather.  OK…I’ll go off on that!

When I moved here to Seattle, people said to me, "Oh you moved here at a great time!  Enjoy the summer, it’s great!".  And I did.  All 72 days.  And then it changed.  Then the people said, "It’s not that bad–wait until the winter".  The winter came and its still here.  And now they are saying, "Just wait another month or so–summer will be here and it will be great!"….let me get this straight…I have barely 3 months of "good" weather and 9 months of "crappy" weather and it’s not *THAT* bad???  It snowed last night….April 29…I grew up in Chicago and it didn’t even snow this late.  Today it also rained and rained and rained…..

OK.  I’m done complaining.  You know what I find interesting?  I just found out Jimi Hendrix is from Seattle…and he killed himself…and Kurt Cobain….and Bruce Lee…and Brandon Lee….hmmm..I wonder if it was because of the weather.



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3 responses to “What do you say if you have nothing to say?

  1. Joselyn Lee

    Weather is a huge factor in depression. So is color. I know that personally, on rainy days I get really tired and lazy. Sometimes I feel awful. I was raised thinking that you can\’t do anything on rainy days.
    Recently, I have started to step out of the house on rainy days. Doing something productive, like laundry or food shopping, keeps you so busy that a rainy day just flies by. For those who don\’t understand the laundry portion, I have to go to a laundromat to wash my clothes.
    Go out and get into some light mischief. You will feel less "blah."

  2. Bailey G

    Makes AZ weather seem pretty favorable, now doesn\’t it?  Sure we get tired of perpetually sunny days and a cloudy day is something to enjoy.  I wonder if there is a place here in the US where the weather is a happy medium between AZ and WA?  Hawaii maybe?

  3. PJ

    Hello…I "dropped" in via someone\’s space but I have no idea who\’s it was. I am glad I did though. Could not help but laugh at this entry. I am originally an East Coast gal , but moved to the Midwest many years ago. I remember when I first moved here I was complaining of being c-o-l-d and the temp was a a balmy 48 – 40 degrees. My friends just laughed and said "wait until it gets cold". Let\’s just phrase it this way..I eventually went and bought a coat!! LOL.
    If you would like to see some Spring…stop by and take a look at my last two photo albums. Spring has sprung..and this lady is ecstatic to be in the 50 to 70\’s range of temp\’s.
    Take care and thank you for the priviledge of being able to enjoy your Space.
    Until next time…Keep Smiling.

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