Busybodies and Building Names

Whenever someone asks me which I prefer to hear first, the good news or the bad news; I generally choose to hear the bad news first.  So in the spirit of how I like to hear it, I will impart unto you, dear blog reader the bad news first:

I hate busybodies. 

bus·y·bod·y  /ˈbɪziˌbɒdi/ Pronunciation Key[biz-ee-bod-ee]

–noun, plural -bod·ies.

a person who pries into or meddles in the affairs of others.

—Synonyms snoop, pry, meddler, Nosy Parker; gossip, blabbermouth.

You would think that "professionals" could get past petty gossip and "pot stirring".  If not, then it begs the question if such are really "professional".  My message to those who feel the urge to use this blog to inflict pain and embarrassment upon others:  DON’T READ THIS BLOG.  GO DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE.  GET A LIFE.  That is all.


Now for the good news:  I got an interoffice mail envelope today.  Before I tell you what was in the envelope, I need to explain that at Microsoft most (but not all) of the buildings are numbered.  I work in a building that has a number.  There are some that are named after the office park they are in or the location.  RTC means "Redmond Town Center", for example.  When I looked at  where the mail came from, it said MILF.

I locked the door to my office before I opened the envelope….JUST IN CASE…. a bunch of Zune stickers.  Very cool!


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