The Zune Heard ’round the World!

As you probably know, if you’ve been keeping track of this blog, I love the Zune.  Love it.  Kicks the iPod in the booty for a number of reasons.  You also know that I love the Social.  This past weekend the Social was really active and my friends list were really chatty.    I was reviewing their playlists and I said to myself, "Self–wouldn’t it be cool to get all of these people to share their stuff with everyone else in a way that is more meaningful than just a site?"

"Self, " I said, "How about getting a pic from all of your friends from all over the world and posting it on your Social page…WAIT…how about their pic and the name of their favorite song….WAIT!! How about sending a Zune to each of them…too expensive…OH…I got it!  How about sending ONE Zune and have it go from place to place…hmmmm….has merit…I LIKE IT!!"

So here it is; the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. 


 The Zune Heard ’round the World is coming!!


WHAT: A world wide project involving the 192 Nations recognized by the UN and all 50 states of the United States.

WHEN: Official Launch commences 1 April 2008 (no joke!)

WHYRead the blog entry above

HOWI will purchase a Zune80 and upload my pic and a song to it (DRM protected, of course) and send it to someone in some state, say—Idaho.  They will do the same and send the same Zune to someone in, say – New Hampshire…and so on and so on until it has hit ALL 50 states.  THEN it comes back to me and I send it to Canada, or Mexico, or Vietnam, or one of the 192 Nations recognized by the UN until the Zune has touched someone in EVERY COUNTRY in the world.  I plan to keep track of it with a map and post the map on my LIVE SPACES blog.  By my count, we should have some 240+ songs and pics on it.

I will need to alert the chosen people so they know that the Zune is coming to them and when the ETA is so everyone knows what’s up.  I’m starting with my friends who are on my Zune Social friends list.  So, if you are interested and you do NOT live in the state of Washington, send me a Friend request at the Social and if you are the first one from your State (or country) you have a very good chance at getting in.


There is a lot to do; logos to create, Tshirts to be made, consent forms to create, a Zune80 to pick out– logistics to work out….sigh…



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4 responses to “The Zune Heard ’round the World!

  1. Sageview

    Dear Rick,
    Just stopping by to say have a Happy Easter:)
    Peace, Love & Together

  2. Richard

    Happy Easter to you and yours, too!  🙂

  3. Vincent

    This is an awesome idea Rick, if you need any help with anything just shoot me a message.

  4. Lisa

    Hey thereFab idea – it\’s gonna rock!LTXXX

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