No…we don’t have a liberal media…uh huh….

First let me say, I am not voting for John McCain, and I am a card carrying Republican from Arizona.



Interesting.  Why not "McCAIN SWEEPS REPUBLICAN NOMINATION" ?  That is much more newsworthy than a caucus that is TOTALLY IRRELEVANT.  WYOMING???  PLEASE.  For one thing, they have what..3 electoral votes?  And the only reason they have THAT many is because the Constitution mandates that the minimum number any state can have is 3.  The second thing why this is irrelevant is that more than 65% of the voters in that state are REPUBLICAN.  The media is reporting about a state that not only doesn’t matter in the long run, but that the DEMS will lose ANYWAY in November–and the LA Times knows this and STILL reports on it?  Why?

One may argue that every vote counts when you’re trying to capture your party’s nomination.  Fine.  But even that argument is flawed.  Just because you win your 2000+ votes doesn’t mean you will automatically get the nod.  I GUARANTEE there will be backroom deals going on in Denver.  Let’s face it, the DEMS are trying to do the virtually impossible; put a minority or a woman in the White House.  I can’t help but think this is going to be a VERY divisive election.  I think it might have been less so if, say, a minority or woman had run for the GOP nomination.

Want to hear my fantasy for the DEMS?  The fight gets so close that the LAST primary to be held will decide who wins.  Guess who that is?  I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.  Hint: They’re not a state and it ain’t Wash.DC, either.  If it came down to that—we will have new and pressing ISSUES in this country.



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6 responses to “No…we don’t have a liberal media…uh huh….

  1. Cindy

    why would you say it would have been less divisive if it\’d been a GOP race?PR bumped up to June 1, followed by Montana and SD-

  2. Joselyn Lee

    "Let\’s face it, the DEMS are trying to do the virtually impossible; put a minority or a woman in the White House." Interesting blog, interesting statement. Change has to start somewhere.
    The reason why this made news is because the Dem nominee has not been determined. Every delegate counts for the final run. Even though this is a Rep state that Dems can\’t expect to win, we must evaluate the process and the will of the people whom are Dems in each state. That, I think, is how it should be designed since every vote is supposed to count. 
    Not a Rebublicrat, not a Demopublican, not a Indepublicrat or an Indemoplican. Just a voter.

  3. Richard

    Good catch!  I was not aware that PR moved it up.  If we see campaigning there…I have issues with that.  I have issues that there are electoral votes there anyway, but that is another post for another time.  Had the GOP been able to put a woman on the ballot, or a minority, this would be less of an issue and less divisive.  That\’s my hunch.  As long as we talk about it, it\’s an issue.  We don\’t talk about whether their parents were divorced or whether they are right-handed or left-handed.  We consider that irrelevant.  Race isn\’t that way.  It should be, though.
    I don\’t disagree that the will of the people count.  I am making a issue with the PRESS reporting this as newsworthy.  Every vote does count, but remember–we are a REPUBLIC, not a DEMOCRACY.  For good reason.

  4. Cindy

    huh.  sounded like you were saying the GOP\’s wouldn\’t have made such an issue of all this but what i\’m understanding now is that had the GOP\’s had their own minority/female candidate, it\’d be a moot point?  as to PR-they\’ve been involved at the least the last several elections so why it should matter for this particular one i am not sure…the press…no one has been complaining the past 5 years about the lack of negative reporting on this disastrous war.  i remember the news reports in the 70\’s when my dad was in vietnam and we saw daily the carriers coming home with our dead and their flags drapped over their coffins.  i have not seen that once during afghanistan or iraq…or, for that matter, any other news worth pondering outside of that which promotes a constant state of fear in the individual, the kind that keeps people quiet and subdued…

  5. _

    There were other people running on both tickets. Some of them are more capable than the three who are left. The press ignored a lot that is newsworthy.

  6. peng_800120

    To compare with China,you have so much rights to do everything.I am so admired that you have the right to vote for your favirate candidate.But Chinese people have no any rights.This is a so sad truth.

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