They sucked me into their ways….

I have been challenged to keep a technical blog.  I started one almost a year ago, but found that there were so many other technical blogs on SharePoint that I questioned the need and value of another blog.  I mean, how many blogs do we need to explain how to create a Team Site, or configure BDC, or integrate Single-Sign On?  I can guarantee that if I find one blog post on a subject, I can find three others on the same subject.
Regardless, the challenge wasn’t without merit and this week I will be promoting my technical blog at the SharePoint Conference:
I will aspire to make 3 or 4 posts per week.
On another note, I am taking another INR (blood viscosity) test today.  My level needs to be between 2.5 and 3.0 to be considered "in therapy level".  The point is to keep my  body from creating further clots in my lungs and to keep the ones that are there from forming larger clots by connecting with other smaller clots.  I want to take a BMI test this month so I know where I am at.  I’m hoping I’m below 20%…I am no longer under 190, which is due to me having an increased appetite , and increased muscle mass, but lower activity rate.  I have a colleague who is doing a low cal diet and working out.  He’s looking really lean lately.  Same height as me but he’s below 180.  I still have 10 months to go to drop 5 pounds and 5 percentage points in fat.  Actually, if I get under 15% and get to 10%–I dont care what I weigh.

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  1. Rolando

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