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Busybodies and Building Names

Whenever someone asks me which I prefer to hear first, the good news or the bad news; I generally choose to hear the bad news first.  So in the spirit of how I like to hear it, I will impart unto you, dear blog reader the bad news first:

I hate busybodies. 

bus·y·bod·y  /ˈbɪziˌbɒdi/ Pronunciation Key[biz-ee-bod-ee]

–noun, plural -bod·ies.

a person who pries into or meddles in the affairs of others.

—Synonyms snoop, pry, meddler, Nosy Parker; gossip, blabbermouth.

You would think that "professionals" could get past petty gossip and "pot stirring".  If not, then it begs the question if such are really "professional".  My message to those who feel the urge to use this blog to inflict pain and embarrassment upon others:  DON’T READ THIS BLOG.  GO DO SOMETHING CONSTRUCTIVE.  GET A LIFE.  That is all.


Now for the good news:  I got an interoffice mail envelope today.  Before I tell you what was in the envelope, I need to explain that at Microsoft most (but not all) of the buildings are numbered.  I work in a building that has a number.  There are some that are named after the office park they are in or the location.  RTC means "Redmond Town Center", for example.  When I looked at  where the mail came from, it said MILF.

I locked the door to my office before I opened the envelope….JUST IN CASE…. a bunch of Zune stickers.  Very cool!

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The Zune Heard ’round the World!

As you probably know, if you’ve been keeping track of this blog, I love the Zune.  Love it.  Kicks the iPod in the booty for a number of reasons.  You also know that I love the Social.  This past weekend the Social was really active and my friends list were really chatty.    I was reviewing their playlists and I said to myself, "Self–wouldn’t it be cool to get all of these people to share their stuff with everyone else in a way that is more meaningful than just a site?"

"Self, " I said, "How about getting a pic from all of your friends from all over the world and posting it on your Social page…WAIT…how about their pic and the name of their favorite song….WAIT!! How about sending a Zune to each of them…too expensive…OH…I got it!  How about sending ONE Zune and have it go from place to place…hmmmm….has merit…I LIKE IT!!"

So here it is; the OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT. 


 The Zune Heard ’round the World is coming!!


WHAT: A world wide project involving the 192 Nations recognized by the UN and all 50 states of the United States.

WHEN: Official Launch commences 1 April 2008 (no joke!)

WHYRead the blog entry above

HOWI will purchase a Zune80 and upload my pic and a song to it (DRM protected, of course) and send it to someone in some state, say—Idaho.  They will do the same and send the same Zune to someone in, say – New Hampshire…and so on and so on until it has hit ALL 50 states.  THEN it comes back to me and I send it to Canada, or Mexico, or Vietnam, or one of the 192 Nations recognized by the UN until the Zune has touched someone in EVERY COUNTRY in the world.  I plan to keep track of it with a map and post the map on my LIVE SPACES blog.  By my count, we should have some 240+ songs and pics on it.

I will need to alert the chosen people so they know that the Zune is coming to them and when the ETA is so everyone knows what’s up.  I’m starting with my friends who are on my Zune Social friends list.  So, if you are interested and you do NOT live in the state of Washington, send me a Friend request at the Social and if you are the first one from your State (or country) you have a very good chance at getting in.


There is a lot to do; logos to create, Tshirts to be made, consent forms to create, a Zune80 to pick out– logistics to work out….sigh…


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Michael Scherotter interview with Ice Cube

I’m not a big Ice Cube Fan….shoot…not even a LITTLE one.  But he talks about the Zune here. 


Michael Scherotter interview with Ice Cube

I met Michael Scherotter at Seattle Mind Camp a few years ago. Michael was a developer evangelist for MindJet at the time, and he introduced me to the addictive joy (for those of us who like to think visually) of MindManager, probably the most popular of the mindmapping applications. He is a quintessential evangelist: passionate, articulate, and curious; Michael is seriously interested in what you do and loves to come up with new ways to make it better for you. Microsoft is a lucky company for recruiting him.

It’s worth checking out his interview with Ice Cube over on Channel9.

Ice Cube interviewed by Michael Scherotter

Link: Interview with Ice Cube

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The conflict of blogging for a ENTJ

Here were the rules according to Inc. in November of 2005:

1. Bare it all

You don’t have to give away trade secrets, but effective blogs require a certain amount of candor. There’s nothing more boring than a blog that pulls its punches.

2. Update frequently

Content gets stale fast online, so refresh the blog at least three times a week, if not more often. And mind the spam in the comments section–business blogs get tons of it.

3. Be interactive

Encourage visitors to post comments. And join the conversation. Visitors to business blogs generally want one thing–to be heard by the business.

4. Stay cool

If commentators get nasty (and if your blog is any good, they will), don’t go on the offensive. Engage them in conversation. And wait it out: There’s always a new controversy around the corner.


The conflict is: Since you (as an ENTJ) think that it’s a good thing to be "open" that you *should* be open.  I’ve found that sometimes this can get one into trouble.  "Be careful about what you blog."  is the most ….I’m looking for the right word…."confining"……need something more insidious….."damning"….YEAH…the phrase "Be careful about what you blog" is an incredibly DAMNING thing to say.  I’m not careless;  I do not mention names or defame anyone.  It’s just…..sigh…I’ll leave it at that.


This is NOT a plug for the book, since I’ve never read it–I am only mentioning it because I want to bring to light that such material exists.


Averting corporate catastrophe in the "blogosphere."

"From the millions of people with a conviction or cause they’re eager to share with like-minded readers, to the thousands of corporations looking for a more effective and reliable way to build trust-based relationships with their customers, it’s no wonder that an astonishing 80,000 new web logs — — or ""blogs"" — are appearing daily. Unfortunately, this includes employees who might reveal confidential company information, and even official corporate blogs that could potentially misrepresent company finances. Everyone, it seems, is blogging, and any organization that fails to take advantage of this exciting new platform, while also protecting itself from legal liabilities as well as critical or defamatory remarks, is sure to suffer the consequences.

Blog Rules is a best-practices guide to establishing the blog-related policies and procedures your business needs. You’ll learn how to:

* Legally and ethically regulate employees’ personal blogs that mention the company

* Protect trade secrets and other proprietary information

* Manage the legal and business exposure associated with corporate blogs

* Respond swiftly and effectively to blog assaults against the company — and much more.

The book helps you control your message and your brand, showing you how to train and familiarize your people with the rules you’ve established, and how to protect your reputation from both internal and external sources. Featuring secrets, strategies, and success stories from real-life companies, including IBM and Stonyfield Farms, Blog Rules is the one guide you need to ensure that your organization is helped and not hindered by this revolutionary tool."

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What post?

<Waving my hand> there was no post here about interviews at Microsoft.  It was not the post you were looking for.  Everything is as it was.</waving my hand>

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Un puesto para los del lenguaje español

Muchas me han pedido que pongo un puesto aqui en español y tambien en portugués.  Esta vez lo pongo en español, y no traduzco porque no he traducido ningún otro puesto y no me parece justo para hacerlo.

Entónces para los que hablan el idioma de los ángeles–bienvenido a mi LIVE SPACES!  Tienen que hacer comentario y participar porque este espacio es para todos!  No solo tienen que leer lo que está escrito aqui sino que tambien poner tus opiniones aqui.  Yo sé que muchas veces hablo de la política Norteamericana, bueno, pues soy estadounidense.

Por los que no me conocen y no entienden el Ingles, trabajo para Microsoft en el departamento de ingeniero de infrastructura de SharePoint.  Tengo socio en Mexico D.F. que me quiere invitar a discursar sobre eso allá.  Tengo ganas de ir, pero ahora estoy bien ocupado haciendo trabajao para Nokia y la compañia de Coca Cola Enterprises.  Krees–Cuando termino con este trabajo, alli voy!

De mis otras viajes:  Es posible voy a Colómbia…estamos planeando esto todavia.  Se canceló mi viaje a Brasil porque casi nadie se registró.  Fui a Suriname en enero y a Bérlin, Alemania tambien.

Bueno, tengo que marcharme porque estoy trabajando tratando a hacer trabajar uno de mis desenios.  Chao!


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Who listens to that much music?

I belong to the Social.  I like the Social.  Even the word is pleasing to me….Social.
When one listens to your Zune and you connect it to your PC and you join the Social, it tells you how many plays you have listened to; which is a cumulative number of songs.  I got my Zune in October 2007 and it tells me that I have listened to almost 4000 songs.  Almost 1000 songs per month.  I look at the others on the Social and I’m seeing over 98 THOUSAND plays for individual users!  OK, maybe they got their Zune for Christmas 2006….15 months at over 6500 songs PER MONTH, 217 songs PER DAY; assuming one listens to their Zune 12 hours a day, that’s 18 songs per hour…a typical 4 minute song.  That’s EVERY DAY.  Dude……even with my eclectic taste in music I’m lucky to get 100 songs per day and my Zune is almost always on!  I listen to it on the way to work, at work, on my way to lunch, on my way home, while I’m working at home, and sometimes as I go to sleep.  (I’m listening to it now—Foreigner’s "Break it Up"….ooohhh yeah…reminds me of that time….)
So it makes me wonder (Maroon 5) how these people are getting so much music down.  OK, the site says that if a song plays for 20 seconds, it counts as 1 play.  Hmmmm…OK…So now I’m searching (Santana) for a way to get my count up by playing only the first 61 seconds (Outfield) of every song and see if it works.  A colleague of mine today told me that it’s like a contest for kids.  Something that you can’t buy but if you are #1, everyone must recognize it. hmmm perhaps.  But doesn’t that take the enjoyment out of listening to the music?  I mean only playing the first 20 seconds?? I don’t get it, but maybe I’m not supposed to get it.  Perhaps this is a young people thing and I’m too old to "get it". 
I still like the Social, though.  A lot.

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