OK, fine…I’ll play

I was "tagged" and so I’m "it".  Here we go:

My Two-Fers…

Two Names you go by: Rick, and Richard

Two Things you are wearing right now: A pair of Khaki pants and a pair of white Brooks "The Beast" sneakers.

Two Things you want or have in a relationship: No drama, and lots of understanding

Two of your favorite things to do: Work out and Work

Two things you did last night: Work and ate Pho

Two People you last talked to: Administrator at the Drivers’ License place, son

Two Things you are doing tomorrow: Preparing for a conference and relaxing

Two Longest car rides: From Seattle to Phoenix.  I blogged about that one.  And a trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles back in 1992.

Two Favorite Drinks: Water and Gatorade

Two things about me you may not have known: I almost attended the Scottsdale Culinary Institute, but then I moved to Seattle.  I have contacts in Nestle.

Two Jobs I have had in my life: Public Health Advisor in the CDC and Subject in a Human Figure class in college.

Two Movies I watch over & over: I don’t.  Well, seasonally–I watch Miracle on 34th Street and It’s a Wonderful Life.

Two of my favorite foods: Cottage cheese with pineapple and Pho

Two places I would rather be right now: Running a triathlon in Tempe, AZ or driving on the Autobahn



OK, so now I tag:  Cindy Smith, Bailey Garrison, Johnson Har and Mr. Shaw.



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3 responses to “OK, fine…I’ll play

  1. _

    Thanks for being a good sport. Hopefully when the administrator at the DMV gets things straightened out you\’ll take a vacation from all that work and go to Germany for a leisurely drive.

  2. Donna

    Ha, Ha!
    I got tagged by Katia and had to do the Two List also! Kind of fun, although I think I missed a couple. Are we still friends,(LOL)! Your a busy guy, I KNOW, (lol)!! Take care,

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