Holy crap! Are the Dems finally getting SMART?? I see the 7th sign….

Vote: Time to quit the presidential race? – Decision ’08- msnbc.com

OK, so ….the Dems; tired of getting their asses kicked (is it an Ass or Donkey?) for the past 13 years (oh, I’m counting the trouncing they got in the House in ’94) they are finally understanding how it works:  you pick the one who has the BEST SHOT.  Everyone has been saying that Hillary can’t beat McCain, ‘cuz the Religious Right won’t have it.  I believe it.  I know of one Dem (Chicago Dem, at that) that actually voted for BUSH simply because the Democrat was too liberal.  HA!  But this time the candidate is BLACK….yeah…you get the picture.

As long as Obama doesn’t act like a REAL Dem and do something stupid (like pick a woman for VP) he’ll end up as Commander-in-Chief.  If I were Obama, I’d ENSURE I’d take some GOP fence sitters by choosing someone like Lamar Alexander. (Yeah, I know–but he’d go Blue AND he’s a Southerner).

Hillary has ALWAYS been about being President…even since her husband was Prez.  "We are the President…" a quote from the former First Lady.  And they think Bush says stupid stuff….uh huh.  If she were a LOYAL Democrat she would quit and throw all her allegiance to the "heir apparent". 

OH how I wish I were going to Denver in August….oooooh…there is gonna be a FIGHT!!  BIG!  HUGE!!  This is the most exciting election year since 1968.  Strong, history-making candidates.  This is great!  If Hillary gets the nod, the Senator from the Valley of the Sun will be bringing a Saguaro to plant in the Rose Garden.  If the Dems do what they need to do to get the White House–this will be the closest General Election in history.  I’d love to see it go the House…ooohhh  (For those of you who don’t get that–if neither candidate gets the 270 electoral votes, the President is chosen by the House of Representatives–which, is ruled by the Dems)






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6 responses to “Holy crap! Are the Dems finally getting SMART?? I see the 7th sign….

  1. Cindy

    So NOW you\’re getting excited!   Be nice, maybe I\’ll take you to Bronco-land

  2. _

    If Obama gets the nod, he needs to pick someone to equal out what he\’s lacking. Someone like Bill Richardson. A black and a Hispanic. How\’s that ticket?

  3. Richard

    No No No ….I understand that you Dems are "Dreamers" and for goodness sakes, people: WAKE UP!!!  There is a segment of the US called the OLD SOUTH.  Do you know what that means?  Do you understand how that affects politics?  GET REAL.  You MIGHT be lucky and get a Black man in the White House, but don\’t press your luck…. 

  4. iNv

    Interesting Rick, I have secretly been reading all the 08 election news, especially blogs…including yours…..
    Not sure what to expect…… 
    Interesng reads at MSNBC election 08 blogs, after Obama winning my state election in Wisconsin…. many disheartened people…. that claim to be true Democrats are stating if "Billary"doesn\’t win the democratic ticket…..will Vote for McCain. I would believe the sentiment is beyond the Old South…. : (


    i thougt your blogs were interesting ,i invite you to read my blog ,i think it will inspire you,tell me what you think

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