Interesting Discovery about myself

I took my youngest daughter to the store for her to buy a present for one of her friend’s birthday.  She decided to buy a WebKinz.  Fine.  We go to the Toy store and they are completely out, but the lady says that there are more next door at "The Chocolate Factory".  We go next door and as we enter the smell of different kinds of Chocolate totally envelope us.  I’m not a choco-holic by any stretch of the imagination but I didn’t think the smell would bother me as much as it did; I used to work for Nestle for goodness sakes! We find the Webkinz and by this time–I’m nauseated. 
I figure it must be an age thing or something.  First, melon.  Then cinnamon…now chocolate…


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4 responses to “Interesting Discovery about myself

  1. Ronald E

    Don\’t understand all the \’Food Allergies\’ you are allergic too! My mother loved all sorts of melons, cinnamon toast I learned from her, chocolates she loved & I would grab one or two when her back was turned. The only thing that I am aware that I am allergic to is the macadamia nut. Sooo, you should look at the other side of your family tree for allergies there.Your Father

  2. _

    Try going anywhere in Hershey, PA. The whole TOWN smells like chocolate.

  3. Richard

    I noticed the melon thing while I was in Los Angeles.  Someone had given me some cantaloupe and after I ate it I vomited.  I thought it was "bad melon" and  that was that (in my mind).  I few months later I try it again; same thing.  I figure…oh…it\’s the stuff that migrant workers pick.  I\’ll go to Safeway when I get home and try that.  I eat a little and the feeling of nausea is there.  5 years later I try it again…the taste is AWESOME…as soon as it hits my stomach…NAUSEA.  I figure…it\’s just cantelope.  I\’ll try Honeydew.  SAME THING.  Don\’t know what that\’s about.

  4. Janet

    Your dads comment is hysterical 🙂 — always blame the other parent !!!!!!!!!!!1

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