*Now* things get exciting….crap

I’m a Chicago Bulls fan.  Have been since the 7th grade; the Artis Gilmore days….I have never passed up an opportunity to watch them play–even in the lean years (like now).  All Chicago sports teams (except the Cubs) have my support.
Living in Phoenix for 10 years, I gained an appreciation for their teams (except the Cardinals who should never even exist).  I am a Diamondbacks fan since their inaugural season and root for them cuz they are National League and don’t play my beloved White Sox.  I’m ambivalent about the Coyotes, but watched them play when my buddy Rod Fournier would come to town when the RedWings came.  The Phoenix Suns were great to watch.  I like Nash, I like Stoudamire, I like the General Manager(hihi)…I rooted for them cuz it was the hometown team. 
I have now moved to Seattle.  I don’t like the Seahawks, nor the Sonics, nor the Mariners…and can’t believe a town only a few hours away from the Canadian border doesn’t have a hockey team.  Don’t get that at ALL.  And now that I’ve moved–the SuperBowl is played there.  Now that I’ve moved–SHAQ comes to town.  Things happen in threes…good grief…what’s next?

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