And that is impressive because…….???

I see this headline on ESPN:

Giants’ staggering win over Patriots watched by record 97.5 million

NEW YORK — The 97.5 million viewers who saw the New York Giants’ last-minute win over the New England Patriots made it the most-watched Super Bowl ever and second biggest event in American television history.
Wow!  97.5 million!  *ALMOST* 10% of how many watched the World Cup!  Oh, and that thing about "second biggest event in American Television history"…UNIVISION is headquartered in Miami, FL, which makes it AMERICAN and broadcast the World Cup every day which had OVER 100 million watching  PER DAY. 
What they should have said was, "Watched by Americans".
Shame on you ESPN…you also post results of the WC and should know better.  tsk tsk.


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2 responses to “And that is impressive because…….???

  1. David

    Ahhh, Americans are most famed for their ethnocentrism aren\’t they…  I wonder how many Americans read that headline and thought to themselves that was probably the most that anyone in the world watched… What\’s even stranger is that soccer is not as popular here like football is, I wonder why? 
    Of course another correlation is that of television reality shows.  More than once I\’ve heard people comment on how pioneering American television reality shows are citing show like Survivor or Big Brother, which in fact got their starts overseas and in some countries are much more popular than here.

  2. Richard

    We report according to our ethnocentrism because our xenophobia prevents the truth from being understood.

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