Getting one-upped

I get a call from my mother this afternoon.  She says she got a call from my niece a couple of days ago.  It seems she was offered an anchor position with the local TV station there and was immediately assigned to be a mentor for a student from UNLV who was majoring in Broadcast Journalism.  The following conversation took place:
Mom:  I’m so proud of you Jenn!
Niece: Thanks!  Oh, I have to tell you something funny.
Mom: OK
Niece:  I was assigned to be a mentor for a girl from UNLV
Mom:  My alma mater!
Niece:  Yeah!  So, when I found out she was from Vegas I told her that my grandmother was from Vegas.
Mom:  OK? 
Niece:  I went on to brag about you and how you sing in Gladys Knight’s choir
Mom:  HAHA
Niece:  The intern said to me, "Oh–My grandma is really busy with that choir".  and I said OH–does your grandmother sing with Gladys too?  and she said, "My grandma *IS* Gladys Knight".
Mom:  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!  That will teach you not to brag!
Niece: I got one-upped today!


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3 responses to “Getting one-upped

  1. _

    Does your niece know her one-uppance is being broadcast in cyberspace? LOL

  2. Richard

    Yup.  And that she\’s is mentor to Gladys Knight\’s grand-daughter!

  3. Donna

    I\’ve almost given up on you, slick Rick, you haven\’t popped by and I have a new blog and new photo\’s!! Take care,

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