My gym is taking it to the next level!

When I moved here to the Seattle area, I needed to find a club/gym to belong to as I am a pretty active person.  I chose ProClub since it is one of the clubs where Microsoft will pay the membership fee. I previously blogged on this club comparing it to my club back in Phoenix.  ProClub has definitely upped its level in being about fitness with the opening of its "Performance Center".  Nice place!
As you may or may not know, I am a triathlete.  With the opening of the Performance Center (PC), they also created training for endurance sports specifically.  When I arrived at the club I was handed a flyer for the new Triathlete Training program that they started.  OOOOHHH….then reason woke me up:  Talk to your doctor.  I can’t believe I actually should *have* to do that, but I will.  Hopefully he’ll give me the OK.


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5 responses to “My gym is taking it to the next level!

  1. _

    I injured a disc in my back doing interval running. Can\’t wait to get back in the game. Wish my YMCA looked half as nice as your club!

  2. Richard

    I used to belong the the YMCA growing up.  When the "Village People" made it their anthem and the news about their "orientation" came out….never felt the same about the sauna….never went back.

  3. Mee Sook

    Hot damn!  That looks nice.

  4. Donna

    Hi Rick,
    I work out alot too and enjoy cardio and walking, roller-blading, I love most outdoorsy activities and Nature!!! Take care,

  5. Cindy

    so I\’m catching up…this looks like a resort/day spa.  Is there a dress code too?  Sign me up!

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