The Dumbest question of the Day

Trying to pay my cable bill online.  System is down so they forward me to a "Chat Representative".  Hmmmmm.
"How may I help you?"
"I’d like to pay my bill, but the online system is down"
"I’m sorry for the inconvenience…."
The Rep continues by asking me pertinent information; name, account number, security question, blah blah blah
"Thank you, sir…..Mr Taylor, I’m sorry but our system is down.  Please call 1-800-Comcast."  Then he asked the absolute most stupid question: "Is there something else I can help you with?"
If I came to pay a bill and you can’t do it because the system is down…WTF else can you do for me?  Are you kidding me???


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4 responses to “The Dumbest question of the Day


    LOL!   Rick please tell me this is just a joke.(LOFL)Don\’t you just love the scripted verbiage of a customer service rep.  Makes you wonder who supporting who?  Does the online system support the functions of the live rep or does the live rep support the non functioning of the online system?  Or do they both support the MADNESS!  Next time maybe you should just write and check and send it snail mail in hopes that it won\’t come back for due to the payment collection POBox being closed because all payments are made online.   After all you gotta have that cable for Superbowl Weekend.I love it! 

  2. Donna

    You don\’t have a guest book but Hello from, BC, Canada! Feel free to pop by my space for a visit, I invited you as a friend!

  3. JILL

    I especially hate the places that make you give a code word, Is that not a little over the top, It\’s not a swiss bank for f\’in sake!!

  4. Mee Sook


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