Sync early and sync often

So I return to work after having been away a week.  I start working on my high level design for an interforest hosted solution for the Business Data Catalog for large customers.  The customers have a need for SharePoint to pull and display data from SAP and/or Siebel.  I was looking forward to sinking my teeth into this project.  Just as my PM comes by my office he sees what I am doing.
"Why are you working on that?"
"uhhhh…it’s my HLD (high level design)"
"Yes, I can see that—why?…oohhh…you didn’t hear"
"All of your features have been pulled.  Didn’t your manager tell you?"
Just then my manager comes by. 
"I thought you were going to sync with me when you got back from Berlin"
"uhhh..yeah..haven’t gotten around to it…OOPS"
That’ll learn me…


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2 responses to “Sync early and sync often

  1. PAUL

    Talk about life being work, this is the most work oriented spot that I have every visited. You do seem like a very interesting person, so come by my spot for some R&R. God Bless you and Hotep.

  2. tressie

    too funny – what a bust!  ah the things they take from us while we are gone.  dadgummit!  ttfn ~ tressie

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