Accomplishing a goal…

Being stuck in Seattle for the winter can make one a little depressed.  The trip to Suriname was just what the doctor ordered!  I don’t particularly enjoy not having conveniences, but the weather alone was marvelous and I forgot about not being able to do what I want when I want.  Even to get a KVM working required a fair amount of engineering.  The Tech guy comes up with an idea that he can do it with the two laptops, neither of which has a PS2 connection, if he yanks a PS2 component out of a PC and wires it to a 5V phone adapter we can hook it up to a KVM switch and vóila!

DSCN0166 DSCN0168


The session went well, all the demos worked and there were lots of good questions being asked.  Lunch was held in a nice place!


It overlooked the Suriname river and had a nice Caribbean breeze some through.  After the sessions were over, it was time to get some work done for the office.  I worked the whole night trying to get my test results in.  I got a little stressed out and after a few hours, I went to bed.  I had to get up the next morning at 4am.  I don’t remember if I slept much, as I had a lot on my mind.

I learned to just relax and enjoy, which is hard for me to do.  The Bigi Broki Waka helped me as well.  I couldn’t run and had to walk; SLOWLY as there were over 6000 people participating.



Actually the 10K run would have been right up my alley, except the doctor has advised me against that for now.  I wanted to do the walk distance jogging but the sheer number of people made that impossible.  I had all dressed up for the occasion, too: 


After the "run", it was time to spend some time relaxing at the pool.  I went to the resort’s restaurant and had a coconut, Zurrzak, filet of beef, and some…stuff…don’t know what it was–but it was OK.

DSCN0218 DSCN0221


In the airport I was looking for my new favorite drink called ZurrZak.  It’s white liquid that has a unique taste that I relish.  When I got to one of the airport stores, I asked if they had ZurrZak.  The said, "Of course!" and handed me this:


ummmmmm…no.  I want the drink–I said.  They scratched their collective heads and said, "OH…you want ZurrZak!"  Ok…maybe my American accent threw them off.  "You have to go downstairs to get that."  This coming from these guys (Moe, Larry, and Curly-respectively):

DSCN0230 I don’t know what Larry and Curly got goin’ on with the "hand jive" thing….but I didn’t ask. 


All in all, it was a pretty good trip although I caught a lot of flak about it (WAY TOO MUCH)–I’ll live, but it hurt.

At least I can say that I have accomplished one of my goals for 2008 (Visit a country to which I’ve never been).  I went to TWO!  (Suriname and Trinidad&Tobago).





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9 responses to “Accomplishing a goal…

  1. Cindy

    Fantastic bridgeOMG, you have made me laugh so hard with the pic of the stooges, what you did to inspire them to pose in such a way is what I want to know.

  2. Raymond

    Good story.
    At least now you know where the white juice (zuurzak sap) comes from.
    I hope you have a little more time next time you come to Suriname. Then I show you some of the food and music of the country. That\’s also something you muste have experienced once in your life.

  3. Raymond

    Good story.
    At least now you know where the white juice (zuurzak sap) comes from.
    I hope you have a little more time next time you come to Suriname. Then I show you some of the food and music of the country. That\’s also something you muste have experienced once in your life.

  4. jenieve

    and I know if you were with the ITEE guys, they gave you a great introduction to surinamese culture!!
    Congratulations on your successful trip to suriname 🙂
    Jenieve Langdon

  5. thé

    it\’s not exactly ZURRZAK (green fruit with spikes)…its really a guyabano (pronounced gwee-yah-BAH-noh) or another name for any tropical country it grows on. maybe zurrzak is the marketing tradename branding purposes whatever. . congratulations on your space, it is an environmentalist\’s ideal for pouring a lot of concern on global issues. this is what the world needs more of.  Bonne journée!

  6. JILL

    LOL,I love the way you told that blog. the big I do not what that is vegie? fruit?

  7. JILL

    do you think curly was pointing out larry\’s shortcoming?

  8. Unknown

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  9. WD. Dennis

    hello Rick, Dennis here from Itee..Zuurzak is indeed called guanabana or graviola; even more interesting is its healing properties: Actions
    Other Actions
    Standard Dosage

    kills cancer cells
    relieves depression

    slows tumor growth
    reduces spasms
    Infusion: 1 cup 3 times daily

    kills bacteria
    kills viruses
    Tincture: 2-4 ml 3 times daily

    kills parasites
    reduces fever
    Capsules: 2 g 3 times daily

    reduces blood pressure
    expels worms

    lowers heart rate
    stimulates digestion

    dilates blood vessels
    stops convulsions


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