What are the odds?

I’m on my way to Paramaribo, Suriname (South America) to give a presentation and one of the layovers is in Miami.  I sit next to a guy and we start talking about his business.  As we talk, we exchange cards and I look at his last name. 

Me: "Hey I know a guy with this last name."

Him: "Really?  Not too common."

Me: "Yeah, his name was Robert"

Him: "In Phoenix?"

Me: "Yeah"

Him: "That’s my brother!"

Me: "Get out!"

Him: "Works for Intel."

Me: "Yeah, that’s him!"

Him: "Beard?"

Me:  "YEAH! Glasses?"

Him: "Yup"


What are the odds that I would sit next to a guy whose brother is a former coworker?  Oh, and this guy was flying stand-by!  Had we not exchange business cards, we never would  have known.  I wonder how many people we see and meet every day and don’t know that we have something in common or know someone in common.


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