They say bad luck comes in threes…

Well in the past two months I have had at LEAST my share of "Threes"

All of them can be summed up with one word:  STUCK

I was stuck in November my last day in Barcelona.  A week later on my road trip home from Phoenix to Seattle, the vehicle I was driving broke down and I was STUCK in Utah. A week and a half later I was diagnosed with PE and got STUCK every 5 hours for something (blood draw, Lovenox, IV, you name it).

and NOW…I go in for a "routine" physical and the doctor says, "Hmmmm…you are over 40 and need the prostate test"….great…STUCK AGAIN….

He keeps checking me out and looks into my ears…"Hmmmmm….you have a lot of wax build up in there…let me have Nurse Ratchet come in and fix that for you."  She STICKS what functionally acts like a firehose but with an end the width of a hypodermic needle into my ear.  Far enough where I almost thought it was coming out the other ear.  Did it hurt?  Stick a hypodermic needle into your eardrum and then flush a soapy water/peroxide mixture at the speed of sound and the with force of the Hoover Dam.  Oh, and guess how many times they had to do it?  yup.  3.


Here’s to hoping three sets of three are enough.


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One response to “They say bad luck comes in threes…

  1. Mee Sook

    hope your luck gets better, man.  oh and i know what you mean about the firehose in your ear.  had that done and my gawd, i felt like a bionic woman who could hear every single fiber in her clothes move.  my ears were freaky clean.  =/

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