The OFFICIAL list for 2008

As this year kicks off, I wanted to make my aforementioned goals "official" by listing them here.  At the end of the year I will give myself an evaluation.
GOALS for 2008
1) Weigh 185 lbs (for UK = 13.5 stone) (for Metric = 84 kilos) and no more than 13% BMI by Dec. 31, 2008
2) Read Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas by June 30, 2008
3) Read any political pundit’s book by Nov. 30, 2008
4) Read any book in native language (besides English) by Dec. 31, 2008
5) Visit country I’ve never visited before by Dec. 31, 2008
6) Keep better journal
7) Whine less
8) Play guitar in a recital by Dec. 31, 2008
9) Play piano in a recital by Dec. 31, 2008
10) Learn any new skill
I chose ten goals so that I could give myself an overall grade on how I did as well as individual grade.  Should be easier as well as most will either be an A or an F.
It is ON!


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2 responses to “The OFFICIAL list for 2008

  1. EMAN

    What about the trumpet? You stated that you play the trumpet.

  2. Richard

    You know, you are right.  I could pick that back up as it would be an easier goal to accomplish.  Maybe if I find 4 others with brass experience we could do a Brass quintet for Christmas or something.
    I am looking to stretch a little bit farther this time.  I haven\’t played guitar or piano in a few years and it would require much more dedication at this time.

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