Illegals fleeing Arizona amid crackdown – Life-

 I never agreed to with the law with respect to its intent.  This issue is so sensitive and has more nuances to it than Baskin-Robbins has flavors.  Pearce says, "We have a free market, it’ll adjust" is as ignorant a comment as I’ve ever heard.  Landscaping, for example, done by a bunch of undocumented workers will cost you less than half if you have it done by another company that doesn’t use undocumented workers.  So now that the illegal workers have left…how does the market adjust?  You will pay more; simple as that.  Taxes?  Will go up, why–because unlike us "americans" the undocumented people paid their taxes without trying to use loopholes.  Oh yes, the government issues them a special SSN just to pay their taxes and then tells them to get out.  NICE.  So now that THAT money is gone, how will the market adjust?  You got it..they go up to make up for the loss. 

Every President since Reagan has given them amnesty.  Why stop now?

In my opinion, we (the United States) will NEVER as a country get over our prejudices with respect to color or ethnicity.  We can’t.  Most countries with various ethnicities have their differences too, but in our case its the extreme.  We had a Civil War with undercurrents that tied to race for heaven’s sake.  It’s as if, letting go of this hatred for the "different", makes us less…whatever we think of ourselves.

Women think this is a "man’s world".  That statement in and of itself is sexist.  Just as sexist as the following statement is racist:  "It’s a White Man’s world".  These two things; racism and sexism keep us from reaching our potential…perhaps a potential we may never realize.  It’s not that I don’t have faith in our system or in mankind–I’m just a realist.

Ask a typical American what "illegal immigrant" means.  And then ask them what they look like.  You’ll get what I’m saying.

Illegals fleeing Arizona amid crackdown – Life-



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4 responses to “Illegals fleeing Arizona amid crackdown – Life-

  1. Terry

    I agree with the new AZ law and the comments of federal Judge Neil Wake, who said any delay in implementing the law which allows suspension or revocation of state licenses of companies that knowingly hire undocumented workers would harm the state and, in particular, legal Arizona residents.
    “Those who suffer the most from unauthorized alien labor are those whom federal and Arizona law most explicitly protect,” Wake said.“They are the competing lawful workers, many unskilled, low-wage, sometimes near or under the margin of poverty, who strain in individual competition and in a wage economy depressed by the great and expanding number of people who will work for less,” the judge continued.
    It’s against the law for employers to knowingly hire illegal aliens. It’s REASONABLE to expect employers to verify social security numbers of employees.
    The only employees walking off their jobs, are illegal aliens and they SHOULD be denied employment, since it is against the law.
    I want the federal version of this law passed. Call your elected representatives and ask them to co-sponsor the SAVE Act. The House bill HR4088 already has 131 co-sponsors, but needs more. The Senate version S2368 has only three.
    Illegal aliens do not have a legal standing to question a state or federal law. Employers should do all that is possible to comply with the laws of AZ and the nation. It’s their civic responsibility.
    Help take our country back. Support the AZ Sanctions Law and ask your U.S. Congressmen to co-sponsor the SAVE Act.

  2. Richard

    Too bad I\’ve moved.  I would campaign HARD against this.  No REAL thought has been put into it except for xenophobic assertions and alarmist arguments.  If the fact that they are "illegal" bothers people, why not give them amnesty until their status can be adjusted?
    The Federal version shouldn\’t pass; hopefully not–until REAL thought goes into it.

  3. David

    I\’m with Rick on this one.  The immigration laws being referred to are a smoke-screen and the issue is a red herring.  The problem isn\’t immigrants.  (almost all of us are decendents of someone who didn\’t live here)  We don\’t treat people from other countries (including those on our common northern border) the same way we treat those on our Southern border – and don\’t try to explain that it\’s intended to secure us from terrorists.  If you recall, the last few times we were attacked, the bad guys entered from Canada – not Mexico.
    This is a RACE and POVERTY issue.  We simply are not willing to share with those who are culturally diverse from us and poorer than us.  It\’s a stupid policy being promulgated by a bunch of Jingoistic, Nationalistic, Isolationist bigots who would rather build a fence than a bridge.
    I live in Arizona and as far as I\’m concerned, the government has interfered drastically with the natural economy and discriminated against a people who, in my opinion, are interested only in making a better life for themselves in a land much friendlier than thier native one. 
    I\’ll leave a discussion as to what *to* do for later …

  4. Janet

    Unreal.  Today I went to the bank.  Along the way I discovered that their are 7 people using one of my relatives SS#\’s.  This law will not stop this, it will just encourage it.  I have lived in AZ and CA for over 25 years;  our economies have become dependent on this "illegal" labor.  I am totally against this law as it is written.

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