Well…at least we beat the Packers!

With a dismal record of 6-9, the Chicago Bears are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.  Every win is for pride and every loss, well..means nothing.


The Bears mauled the Cheeseheads 35 – 7 yesterday at Soldier Field under conditions that we Chicagoans like to refer to as "Bear weather".  Thing is, it is usually an advantage over teams from the West Coast (like SanFran, or Los Angeles, or San Diego) and not so much against teams like Minnesota or Green Bay.  But, Brett Favre actually claimed it was the worst he had seen in 17 years!  Ok….

Looking at the stats…don’t make too much sense to me.


Team Stat Comparison


1st Downs
13                           14

Total Yards
          274                        240

          149                        101

         125                         139

        1-10                         6-30

3rd Down Conversions
       3-12                          6-15

4th Down Conversions
       1-3                            2-3

         2                              0

     26:27                        33:33


With the above stats, one would think that the score would be closer.  the only thing are the 2 turnovers by GB.  Both resulted in TDs.  The franchise player of the year Brian Urlacher even got his first TD on an interception, and rejoiced exceedingly in the end zone.  He’s having a GREAT CHRISTMAS!!


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