Choose Ye this day….or else…

Hard decisions to be made

EJ said, "You’re too soft";

There’s truth to that.

Always looking for the easy road can make you soft

Sometimes it’s better to take the road less traveled

and take your licks

Maybe not.

Sometimes there is only one path

and the choice to not take it

makes you soft

I believe this is my case.


The habit of choosing not to choose

has made me averse to making hard decisions

and has made me soft.

Not choosing to choose can atrophy your mind

and spirit

Thus it is better to choose the unsavory

and its consequences

than to allow the consequences of the unsavory

simply happen to you

leaving you unprepared and distraught.


Lessons cannot be learned by choosing not to choose.

I have come to the conclusion that choosing not to decide

is strategic, not tactical.

I have allowed myself to be acted upon

instead of acting upon situations

Being reactive is not always a good thing.


I used to believe

that we could all "just get along"

I don’t believe that anymore

It can’t be true

Some things simply cannot co-exist

Some people simply cannot be together

Not everyone can be friends with one another

The concept that we can’t all be friends

was anathema to me

but the truth is now made painfully and plainly clear to me



Now that the concept is taught

Now that sense has been made

The time for hard decisions has arrived–

Where do I go from here

What will I do

and when?



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3 responses to “Choose Ye this day….or else…

  1. Mee Sook

    1. nothing wrong with taking the easy road every now and then… for me, more now than then.  i am always amazed when expectations are such that we always have to be pushing ourselves to do better, be more progressive, be more challenged.  to that i say, bleh.  sometimes, taking the easy way out can be more beneficial in the long run and provide more to us than what the road less traveled may provide.  life shouldn\’t always be about growth. — that whole schpeal was sooooo anti-me.  =P
    2. sometimes if you wait long enough, the decision will be made for you.  lessons CAN be learned by doing nothing or choosing not to choose.  we are so active in our lives… step outside of yourself and watch what happens when we become silent and things occur as they may.  there is a lesson to be learned in that.
    3. listen to the beat of life.  it has an ebb and flow… go with it and your questions will be answered and your choices made.  be good to yourself and let things run their course.  sometimes we need to stop pushing so hard and let the chips just fall where they may.

  2. Richard

    you see…most recently…lessons have taught me NOT to wait.  I\’ve learned most recently that being passive sometimes takes away your ability to choose down the road.  You are absolutely right that lessons CAN be learned by doing nothing….I\’m done with that; for now anyway.  I will be passive when it is strategically to my advantage, otherwise–I would rather be the agent of change, not the victim of it.

  3. Mee Sook

    I guess it is all perspective… not to mention our histories speak volumes about us.  The Zen way of life has been working for me lately, helps me to see the forest for the trees… also has given me greate contentment.
    Wishing you peace this new year.

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