I am a human pincushion

So, now that I am out of the hospital I have this regimen that is almost as bad as being in the hospital. 
I need to go to the hospital twice a day to get an injection 


You say "Oh that’s not a big needle!"  OK…try getting that twice a day…its funny how big that needle gets after you’ve had it a few dozen times in your stomach.

Then twice a week I have to go to the Anti-Coagulation clinic for blood tests to see if my blood has thinned out to 2-3 times a normal person’s blood viscosity.  As soon as I achieve that level, the injections can stop.  To help get me to that level I have to take a pill called Coumadin.  If it starts working, I take it for a year until the clots go away.  Hopefully my body will stop producing them and I can get totally off the drug–or if not, I will have to take it for the rest of my life.

Once the blood is thinned out, I will be able to resume my normal training–to a point.  I probably won’t be able to play tackle football anymore.  Or do martial arts.  Even basketball is risky.  I’ll stop here because I’m getting depressed.





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4 responses to “I am a human pincushion

  1. Eric

    I wish you all the good while recovering, I hope your blood will get there soon, so you can get of the meds.
    I\’ll be thinking of you.

  2. Raymond

    Don\’t get depressed. There will be a lot of things you still can. Like having a party in Suriname 😉
    I really wish you well man!

  3. Telmo

    Dude, I am glad you are out of the hospital! Take good care of yourself and let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I will keep you in my thoughts!

  4. Bailey G

    You would think, being from AZ and all, that your blood would already be thin.  Hee hee.
    You better get well – I\’m still trying to bamboozle a free SharePoint Connections trip out of MS for March….
    The pretty sheep are back and are filling up on alfalfa.  Want pics?  🙂

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