So…I’m in the hospital…this sucks

I went out for a run yesterday.  cold Saturday morning.  It was a half mile to the park where I was going to do some pushups, situps and jog.  I didn’t get half way there when I was out of breath.  I walked it the rest of the way.  Then the Chest pain came; and then the numbness in my arm.  I rested.  I felt a little better.  I thought to myself, "Maybe I should just go back and rest for a bit."  When I got home, I didn’t feel any better so just as a precaution I call 911.  By the time the EMTs get to my house, I’m feeling better.  They run some preliminary tests and when they are all done, I’m feeling a lot better.  The head EMT insists that I go in for more tests.  Fine.

They run a battery of blood tests and say that although my cardiac enzymes are normal levels, there is something else that is an issue.  The give me a chest XRay, CT Scan, Ultra Sound, and something else.  All I can think of is going home.  The doctor comes back and says, "Well…there is a problem.  We thought from the blood tests that you would have clots but at first we couldn’t find them as they usually accumulate in your legs.  You don’t have any in your legs.  That is good.  The bad part is that they are in your lungs.  Both lungs.  This is an extremely serious condition.  15% of sudden deaths are due to this.  We are keeping you for a couple of days."


The doctors say I have pulmonary embolism. I have to stay in the hospital for a few days while they continue to do blood tests. I’m baffling them because I don’t fit the profile: (I don’t smoke, drink, I exercise regularly, I’ve never been in the hospital, no medical history, etc) they say I am a fluke. The medical regimen is not for the faint of heart.  I have to take two shots of Lovenox a day plus a pill (Kumedin?).  for a LONG time, possibly for life.



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22 responses to “So…I’m in the hospital…this sucks

  1. Chris

    Hang in there bud, our thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery are with you.

  2. Rodney R.

    You can\’t die yet, you still owe me money!!! All the best and hope they finally fix you for good!

  3. Bob

    Jeez, anything to avoid giving me a zune.
    Best of British luck to you.  You\’d better not stand me up on our date in Berlin.

  4. Brian

    Saying a prayer for you! My wife is on Lovenox, the prefiled syringes work pretty well. Kewep up the fight!

  5. Ted

    Dude – This doesn\’t fit you at all. Good luck and get well!

  6. Matthew

    That\’s not right!
    What about those Zunes you were going to give away in Berlin? You\’d better get well and get your ass over to Germany nxt month.

  7. Richard Civil

    Bad news. Get well. See, all that weight loss stuff can be deadly. 🙂  If you were sitting in front of the TV doing finger push excercises on the remote controll instead of all that running stuff, you would be fine.

  8. William

    Rick you have to get better, who else is going to show me around Sao Paolo?  THinking and praying for you.

  9. Enrique

    Dude!  You have to get better.
    Thoughts and prayers are with you!

  10. Tim

    I hope everything works out for you man!

  11. David

    Prayer and good thoughts brother! Get well soon!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Marco

    Keep up the energy, partner with the docs on troubleshooting this one and get well soon.

  13. Michael

    Jeez, Rick, this is amazing in the worst way.  Something is out of order in the whole damn galaxy. Absolute best wishes for a quick and total recovery.Mike Flinn

  14. Steven

    Get well soon, man. Try and stay relaxed and enjoy the down time….

  15. Wayne

    Hurry up and get better mate!

  16. Andy

    Get well soon, Rick.

  17. Janet

    Wow Rick – I\’m in shock here.  Stay off those airplanes for a while .

  18. Raymond

    He Rick, we have an appointment!
    Get well and get out of the hospital ASAP.

  19. Peter

    Mate, you\’ll be ok providing you follow these instructions:
    Find the tastiest nurse in the building.  Tell her what she wants to hear (you know the rest)…
    I swear that will work and you\’ll get better…

  20. M

    Rick, hang in there and get better. We are wishing you well.

  21. Pat

    Rick – I wish you the best for a safe recovery

  22. Yaman

    Glad you\’re out, Brother! Be safe . Love to the family!

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