Any Psychologists out there?

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I had a discussion with a person that I mistakenly thought would be great material for Microsoft.  She’s bright, focused, and talented.  The discussion I had *really* irked me and I would like to post it here and get comments from the community:

“Not to sound obnoxious but being in my 20’s and have everything that I have now is quite an accomplishment. I don’t know anyone quite like me. However, while I’m striving to grow even more – I need to balance it with everything else – including my personal life which I lacked.  I can guarantee you MS does not have a lot of peeps like me. You don’t even know most of the stuff that I do 😉 “

Now, I understand being confident.  I even understand thinking that you are at the top of your game.  But this struck me as being on the verge of narcissist.  First, she’s 28 going on 29, so the thing about being in her 20s may be a screen.  We continued "chatting" and this is how it went:


Her: "[My company] is OK for the time being. I feel that I can comfortably grow being at this company. It gives me enough freedom and tolerance so that I can comfortably grow to my max."

Me:  "Ok.  Gotcha.  MS has tons of people “like you”.  And they’re ENTERING their 20s , not knocking on 30  😉  Keep growing."


So, is this a case of someone who in reality lacks confidence and puts out a front?  Or is this person really too full of themselves to see that there just *might* be others in the world doing just as well or better than they?  In either case, they can’t be "all that"; a person that were would be looking for the next challenge and she definitely isn’t doing that.  We had a discussion about a class she had in grad school.  How companies know who is a "churner".  She admitted that she wasn’t.  That she had a tendency to stay put and not venture out.  Doesn’t sound like an outgoing person, does it?  She does things in her "comfort zone" or that she is required to do.

There you have it; my totally unqualified and unprofessional opinion.  Anyone out there with views?


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