Doesn’t take much for pandemonium to break out…

Two middle kids have a Christmas concert.  #2 is playing her flute and #3 is singing.  Typical Elementary school holiday concert where the music teacher leads a group of cute kids through some classic yuletide carols.

As I’m watching, I see in the corner of my eye, a woman stand up and run (not walk) towards the exit.  Next thing I see is another following her; I’m thinking "Fire Drill?" .  and then I see it–a kid on the second row of stands in a cute red scarf and Santa hat–bent over yakking his guts out.  The kid standing next to him has this horrified look on her face because the puke got on her Christmas dress.  The teacher stops the concert and turns to say to the audience, "We would like to have some private time while we regroup".

At this time the principal comes in and apparently did not know what had just occurred and said, "Thank you all for your support , we have CDs of this concert provided by the PTSA for $15.  Please purchase them in the back of the auditorium."  I will buy one JUST to see the kid puke again. hahahahaha


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