I hate snow

Today I went out looking for a new car. 
It was cold outside but nothing too drastic.  Even for a former Arizonan….(can’t believe I’m already referring to myself like that). 
As I drove to the dealership I saw, for the first time since the 80s, flakes coming down from the sky.  I got a sick feeling to my stomach.  All of my memories of this stuff came rushing back to me in a matter of seconds.
OK, so it isn’t Chicago-like snow and cold…doesn’t matter.  The stuff SUCKS.  No it isn’t "beautiful", no it isn’t "fun".  Yes, it is cold.  Yes, it is wet and messy.  Obviously I haven’t had too many good experiences with the stuff.  Yes, I’ve been sledding, had snowball fights, made snow angels, blah blah blah…but I just don’t like it.
I miss Arizona REALLY badly now.
and no, I don’t need a SAD light.
UPDATE:  I’m snowed in.  Why would a SouthCentral-Arizonan need a snow shovel or plow?  I need one now.  It is still coming down and there must be a foot already accumulated on the sidewalk.  I’m from Chicago–I know real snow.  It’s not cold outside, but its snowin’ up a frickin’ MOUNTAIN of white stuff! 
I’m counting the days…170 from today…

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