UNBELIEVABLE…who’s the creep here?

I was hurt today.
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.
I’ve been called many things (some were justified).  this wasn’t.  Not only was it not justified, it was veiled and not explained when uncovered.
Today I was called a creep.
Creep: someone unpleasantly strange or eccentric.
It was veiled in the following statements: 
"i do not feel comfortable with you right now, outside of work, period.  and i hope you respect that.
When asked why and what it was exactly about me that made this person feel uncomfortable I got the following:
"i simply do not feel comfortable.hope you respect that. Thanks"
I feel like I have been the biggest fool of all time.  I put time, effort, money, and trust into this relationship (both personal AND professional) just BECAUSE I thought it was a good thing to do.  Didn’t ask for anything in return.  Didn’t expect anything except a rich friendship.  HA!  Somebody please peel the "L" off of my forehead. 
Exactly 3 weeks ago, we were fine.  2 weeks ago we were fine almost better.  1 week ago..things started going downhill and I was wondering why.  Questions like "What is going on?" were responded to thus"There’s nothing wrong on my end.  I’m OK.  I hope you are, too.  I don’t know what else to say".  and then "I don’t feel comfortable with you".  WTF!!?? 
I boost your career and we have a great time together after hours and now all of a sudden you don’t feel comfortable around me?
Fine.  OK.  No contact is the way you want to go (but you’ve got no guts to just say it–nor the guts to say what is going on).  We can do that. 
ME: so…we aren’t friends…just colleagues?
Person: for now, we are just colleagues
Have you read Lost Friend?  This one is Lost AGAIN; except this time…I ain’t going looking.  Stay lost.  FREAK.  


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3 responses to “UNBELIEVABLE…who’s the creep here?

  1. Eric

    sounds like the occasional student, you put in every minute of your breaktime, give him more than he paid for, and still is not pleased. Sounds familiar. Stay away from this person from now on.

  2. Annemarie

    Wow, sounds like an other lesson learned, you always give more, then the other person, and then out of no where they turn, and you stant there with egg on your face. But remember they have lost the better person, just don\’t lose your self, you are that better person.

  3. Mee Sook

    how many times did you ask what was going on?  it sounded as tho everything was fine after the first time you asked.  what occurred after that for him/her to say "i don\’t feel comfortable with you?"  it\’s hard not to fill in the gaps with our own deluded thinking.  i\’ve been known to create more drama based on my own insecurities and not believing the other person whey they said everything was fine, so kept pushing and pushing.  it really had nothing to do with the other person being creeped out or not feeling comfortable with me.  it was b/c i wasn\’t comfortable with myself.  you\’re drawing conclusions.  he/she didn\’t say you were a creep.  you did.  he/she said they weren\’t comfortable with you right now.  that\’s their problem, don\’t make it yours.  be comfortable in your own skin.

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